P+G Obk Co-In Silicone Coin Case - Type K

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Don't worry, this friendly ghost isn't scary. Use this silicone ghost-shaped coin case to tame your loose change or to stash parking meter quarters in your car. Or, store your flash drive, keys, hair bands, or other small items that tend to disappear into the mysterious depths of your bag.

The case glows in the dark, so even if it reaches those depths, you'll find it quickly.

Three styles are available, each featuring a different facial expression. On this "K" style, we've got a mischievous ghost sticking out his tongue.

The collection name "Obk" originates from "obake," which is Japanese for "ghost."

Approximate case dimensions, not including the tabs: 3 inches W x 2.6 inches H x 0.7 inches D (7.5 cm W x 6.7 cm H x 1.8 cm D)

Model NumberP+G OBK COIN K
Weight2.8 ounces

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It closes securely and...
January 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
It closes securely and even when you open it, so long as you open it right-side-up (you can tell which way goes which easily as you do this) the coins won't spill out. The material dampens the jingling of the coins as well.

It's cute and delightful but the glow-in-the-dark factor is not quite there- it needs to be "charged up" by exposure to light, which won't happen in a bag, and even then it's pretty weak. Hence the deduction of one star, because I really did want that feature.
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So cute. I love these...
December 9, 2013
Verified Purchase
So cute. I love these purses because you just pull it open towards you and the coins come out on to the lid which acts as a little sorting tray. Much better than a conventional purse.

A comeback for these old fashioned purses but with a modern twist adding a smiley and the silicon fabric.

I think I'll get my nephew one too!

As always, an excellent service from Jet Pens! Thank you.