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Bought this for my girlfriend,...
June 14, 2014
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Bought this for my girlfriend, because she carried this huge wallet around with approximately 15 000 different cards that she never uses. Then one day her wallet was stolen, and she had to take a sabbatical year just to cancel them all. After we recovered from this apocalyptic event, I decided to get her a wallet of a sensible size, which would encourage her to only carry what she needs on a day to day basis.

Well, not only did my plan work, but she also gets compliments several times a week from strangers about how cute her wallet is. When we're in restaurants and a waitress comments on it, she says that I got it for her, and then I pass as the perfect boyfriend, which is fine by me.

Hence, I highly recommend this if:

a) you're a girl and want to get compliments on your wallet
b) you're a guy with a girlfriend and want to be commended on how great of a boyfriend you are
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December 27, 2014
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