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Palomino KUM Automatic Brake Long Point 2 Step Pencil Sharpener - Orange - PALOMINO 102549
I've had this sharpener for about two years until just today in my Programming Class someone asked me to sharpen their Dixon Ticonderoga, and it took about 5 minutes just to get the pencil to a reasonable point (blunt though). Had to throw it away, so sad. But, that means for the price at the time of this review it is worth it!

First hole sharpens wood to expose a cylinder of graphite, then the second hole (both holes are marked as such) will sharpen the cylinder of graphite into a pointy point. All of this depending on the sharpness of your pencil whether it needs to be re-pointed or it's a broken tip or even unsharpened may take from 30 seconds to a minute at the most. This sharpener comes with a pair of spare blades (the blades instal...

About Palomino

California Republic Stationers produce the Palomino pencil, which boasts a Japanese-crafted graphite core encased in genuine California Incense-cedar.