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So far the best pencil...
July 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
So far the best pencil that has a grip; can use it long time as the grip is not too rubbery or slippery but just exactly what is needed to make it work; If you do not want to spend more for other pencils than you cannot beat this pencil, especially you get two pack here.

I use also the exact same pencil by Rotring Tikky III inaqua and peach colors and what can you say, German engeneering. Works well.

PaperMate is selling this pencil here in the US, I do not know if one of them companies bought each other or what (and do not care) but it is the same pencil except the missing painted red ring that Rotring Tikky III has.
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This pencil is quite...
March 29, 2011
This pencil is quite comfortable to use, with a thickish barrel balanced just above the last molded ring groove, so neutral to slightly forward bias. The plastic barrel is thick and weighty, and all the moving parts fit snugly and with surprisingly little wiggle. The magazine tube appears to be color-coded plastic, in this case brown for 0.5mm. The clutch is brass, 3 jaws, with a heavy collar and the weighty nosepiece screws into an unusual tension/compression type situation, rather like the Pentel P200 range. Lead advance is heavily sprung, a longish-feeling action with a meaty, solid click. Overall impression is of a sturdy, knockabout, everyday pencil that won't make you feel bad about leaving your fancier tools at home. I'm a professional artist, and I delight in using these puppies all day. I might even go so far as to say I've found My Pencil. Don't let the bubble-filling-standardized-test-supplies packaging fool you- these are serious tools. Get some better leads for it, though. The stuff inside and in the refill tube is scratchy and inconsistent...
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These pencils are just...
December 11, 2010
These pencils are just awesome! I have both the .5 and the .7 models of this pencil. I love them both. I don't care too much for the Papermate lead, so I use Pilot ENO 2B and Uni Nano Dia 3B leads in them and I can't put them down! They are comfortable to write with, are fantastically balanced and are well made internally. I can actually say that these pencils make my handwriting look better! I recommend them highly!
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Fantastic pencil, balanced,...
November 18, 2010
Fantastic pencil, balanced, sturdy, great grip.
Grip is good for those who hold their pencils close to the tip or farther back.
Originally made by Rotring as the Tikky III.
This repackaging is the exact same pencil. I have both and the biggest difference is the painted red ring is missing around the middle.

A high quality entry level drafting pencil being sold at half it's original price (w/ extra erasers + lead).
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Just an everyday mechanical...
December 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
Just an everyday mechanical pencil. Long, with a rubber grip portion. Not heavy. Not really great for carrying in your pocket. Works without being too expensive. Won't have to worry about losing it.
i made the sad mistake...
April 11, 2012
i made the sad mistake of accidentally ordering these in .7 which saddens me
but anyways..
these pencils in my opinion are quite attractive and have a very nice design
the overall build quality seems to be of a durable plastic, but something i found with the metal is that it can leave behind sort of a faint fingerprint mark that's dark blue (maybe this is just me nitpicking).
the rubber (i suppose) grip is very comfortable to use and with the little bits of plastic around it give it a even more complicated design while giving a good ammount of grip.
when you click the button to advance the lead it feels VERY solid and like it will last a good ammount of time
when removing the button cap you reveal what is most likely the most useless eraser... its incredibly small and it isnt the best around but it gets the job done i suppose...
now upon dissasembly i see that the whole outside of the pencil is but a shell.. and the inner chamber of the pencil is a light blue... now this light blue shell can be seen once taking off the cap which doesnt look very good in my opinion (then again im nitpicking again). the whole innards comes out in one peice which is screwed into the outter shell, and the cap can also be taken off. in my personal opinion this is a VERY solid pencil and WELL worth the price..
if you have a good block eraser (*cough* papermate foam *cough*) or maybe a nice small click eraser (*cough staedtler mars plastic *cough*) you should be in for a nice ride
Nice pencils but haven't...
November 10, 2011
Nice pencils but haven't been able to locate replacement erasers anywhere. these are smaller than pentel.
I love the clean look...
August 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
I love the clean look of these pencils :)
I like the grip because it keeps the pencil from slipping and isn't bulky.

I can't really judge the quality of the lead that comes with it...I've been using it and it works just as well as any other lead I've used. I'm happy ^^ (I also use Ain high-polymer HB lead... )

I'd recommend getting a stick eraser to go with these, since, for me, it'd be inconvenient to pull off the eraser cap any time I want to erase ( not the easiest cap to pull out either - but this is a good thing because it's not going to come out and get lost ) And I also don't want to deal with replacing the small erasers ( or keeping track of them ) It did come with 4 extra erasers though, so I'll end up using them eventually so they don't go to waste :D

I bought a Uni-ball E-Knock Eraser - Black Body
and a Tombow Mono Knock 3.8 Eraser - Blue Body
to go with these pencils~
GREAT mechanical pencil!...
April 11, 2011
GREAT mechanical pencil! I just got it.
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