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Parker Fountain Pen Twist Converter - SANFORD S0050300
One of the nicest "universal" or "standard" converters on the market. If you look closely, there are some details that do make it work better. The rubber on the section end is softer and has a double seal compared to all the others I have. Does that make it better? I don't know. My others don't seem to leak, cause skipping or any other issues either.

About Parker

Founded in 1888 by George Stafford Parker in Janesville, Wisconsin, the Parker Pen Company was one of the oldest US pen manufacturers. Between the 1920s and 1960s, Parker maintained leadership in worldwide writing instrument sales.

In 1931, Parker created its famous Quink ("quick drying ink"), which led to the development of the most popular fountain pen model under its brand, Park 51.