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Pelikan Brilliant Black...
December 2, 2013
Pelikan Brilliant Black was the first black inks I used in my fountain pens. It flows well in the pen, leaves a clean line and works well on cheap paper. It is one of the few inks that I can pair with a fine nib fountain pen and write in a moleskine notebook successfully. I find that it is a little thicker than other black inks and a few of my pens don't write as well with it, but overall it works satisfactorily. I like that it is a true black, no grey shading in my writing.

I like other black inks too, but due to the inexpensive price point of this ink, keeping a bottle of Brilliant Black on hand for times when I want to write in cheap notebooks or a moleskine planner makes sense for me.

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Received this bottle...
March 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
Received this bottle with the new design. Very good ink, saturated, well behaved, excellent price and suitable for crosswords in the newspaper, won't feather.
I recommend this ink if you need some black ink and don't want to shell out for a good ink.
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Using it with a Lamy...
August 16, 2012
Using it with a Lamy CP1 Titanium - Medium nib - fountain pen.

1) Inexpensive
2) Nice flow in slower writing rate - Acceptable in fast
3) Very little gray edge feathering even in fast writing
4) Fast drying, no smearing
5) Very nice black depth but not exceptional
5) Excellent value for everyday use
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This is one of the best...
May 12, 2012
This is one of the best black inks. I ahve been using for 20 years. DARK, great flow and inexpensive. You can never go wrong with PELIKAN inks
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