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October 10, 2014
From my experience, this...
From my experience, this color is brighter and has a more turquoise-y hue than the pictured sample. (I'm using Lamy pen with EF nib.)

As a left-hander, I had no problems with drying time. Yes, the ink does stain my palm. But as long as my notes themselves aren't smudged, I can't care less.

Apart from this ink, I've used Waterman absolute brown and a blue Lamy cartridge. I found the Pelikan to be most reliable and of best quality.

December 2, 2013
I first tried this ink...
I first tried this ink in a cart as a sort of throw away, popping in a small box of the color to give it a try. I simply fell in love with it and now keep a bottle on hand for everyday writing. The blue is a bright color, like the Caribbean sea on a hot sunny day. It behaves well in my calligraphy pen, drying quickly and leaving a clean line. There is a little shading in this color, but that simply enhances it look on the page. Don't let the low price of this ink fool you, it is worth a second look.