Pelikan M205 Traditional Fountain Pen - Piston Filler - Extra Fine Nib - Black Body

Pelikan M205 Traditional Fountain Pen - Piston Filler - Extra Fine Nib - Black Body

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Compatible with bottled ink only. Ink not included with this pen.

The Pelikan M205 plunger fountain pen uses a traditional piston filling system, remnant of old-fashioned fountain pens that were made before the ink cartridge was invented. The piston filling system makes it easy to fill this pen with bottled ink. To fill the pen, twist the top knob counter clockwise to expel air. Then, fully submerge the pen nib into ink and turn the knob clockwise to suction up ink. Hold the pen in tissue with nib facing up and twist the knob slightly counter clockwise again to allow air bubbles to come out and to maximize ink capacity. Gently wipe your fountain pen and you're ready to go!

The pen features a colorful resin body, stainless steel nib, and the clip and the rings are chrome finished to obtain the silver sheen. Comes with a gift box.

Pen dimensions: 5 inches (12.5 cm) long when capped, 5.8 inches (14.7) cm long from tip of nib to end of cap when cap posted on back of pen, 0.46 inches (11.8 mm) in diameter.

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Quality; durability;...
June 4, 2012
Verified Purchase
Quality; durability; reliability; serviceability: four special concepts that can always be associated with Pelikan piston-filled writing instruments, and they certainly apply to the beautiful, well-made M205 series of fountain pens.

When I was an art student back in the early 1970s, I purchased a similar, steel-nibbed piston-filled Pelikan for $10 and, all these years later, with careful use and periodic cleaning, that pen still functions as it did the day I bought it.
The ten buck Pelikan days are long gone, but you can still purchase a quality piston-filled Pelikan for a reasonable amount and be certain to have acquired a writing instrument that will last them a lifetime.

Although it is fitted with a steel nib, and has less 'bling' than the M400 series, the M205 is the same size and has, what appears to be, the identical piston-filler and the same capacity. I just received a black M205 from JetPens and, after filling it with Pelikan black ink, it wrote perfectly right out of the box (no adjustments were needed). The extra-fine nib produces a wet, smooth, crisp line and the feed provides an excellent flow. This pen is great for drawing and writing.

Well-made, dedicated piston-filled Pelikan fountain pens are far superior to any cartridge/converter fountain pen, and, since Pelikan nib units are threaded, the nib units can be easily removed for cleaning--including thorough cleaning of the ink reservoir for color changes--or the nib can easily be replaced with another size. This feature makes the Pelikan eminently more serviceable and adaptable than a great number of competing writing instruments.

Removing a Pelikan nib unit is easy, and it's not messy if the pen is empty, although it can be accomplished with a filled pen. Here's how to do it: Hold the pen barrel with your non-dominant hand and, with your dominant hand, firmly--but not too hard--grasp the nib by placing your thumb on top of the metal nib and your forefinger on the feed (under the nib). Next, with your non-dominant hand, rotate the barrel (do not rotate the nib unit) clockwise to unscrew the nib unit. Do the opposite, rotating counter-clockwise, to attach. When reattaching, be sure not to overtighten. Just be sure that it's a snug fit (perhaps no more than four turns). If you grasp the nib unit with your dominant hand and rotate the nib unit, you run the risk of moving the nib out of alignment with the feed. That's all there is to nib removal.

Enjoy your Pelikan!
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I'm never disappointed...
January 8, 2013
Verified Purchase
I'm never disappointed by Pelikan. This pen writes smooth right out of the box. First ink I tried with it was J. Herbins's Poussiere de Lune. Dream in a pen. I plan to buy another one of these pens when I can!
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Pelikan makes the best...
May 12, 2012
Pelikan makes the best writing pens I have ever owned. I have been writing with them for over 20 years. This pen will write for a lifetime of flawless writing. And be far cheaper then the many cheap pens you go though that get tossed in trash.
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I was torn on what to...
September 23, 2014
I was torn on what to rate this pen. I received it as a gift, and I also received a separate Pelikan Italic nib ordered from another site. I was excited to ink this pen up. It made an excellent first impression on me, looked appealing without being tacky, and felt sturdy. I inked it up with Pilot Iroshizuku, an ink with excellent flow, and the piston mechanism is as smooth as people claim it is. However, the Italic nib---a feature of Pelikan fountain pens is that you can buy nib units separately and then swap them--- skipped incessantly and had issues. I then fit the original extra fine nib unit, and the tines were not aligned. Upon fixing the alignment and checking with a loupe, the nib still gave much more feedback than even a lower end Sailor or Pilot. I was disappointed. With the fine nib, the pen was reliable, but not all that pleasant.

All that being said, I still enjoyed the gift, and I was glad to add it to my collection. I've just had horrible quality control issues with their nibs, but two nibs is a pretty small sample size. I wish other buyers better luck, and I may invest in other nib units to play around with.
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