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I really like the stylish...
January 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
I really like the stylish look and writing action of this pen—so much in fact, that I bought the remaining two in fine point green from this company and two more from another dealer! The body, although plastic, does not appear or feel cheap to me. On the contrary, it seems very solid. The barrel size and comfort is better in my hand than say, the Kaweco Sport. The nib is quite smooth and writes like a charm. The pen clip actually attaches very snug to my shirt pocket so I can be confident that when I bend down or move around, it will not slip out of my pocket. The only drawback (preventing a full five stars) to me is the cap does not attach tightly to the end when the pen is in use. No matter. The pen still has a nice balance and feel even when I choose to keep the cap off when writing. A simply great pen in this price range.
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This writes very nicely...
July 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
This writes very nicely with a good ink flow, & I would give it 5 stars if only the end of the pen was round so that the cap could be posted securely---instead the end of the pen has a squarish end section which ill fits the round cross section of the inside of the cap. The other snag is that the "sturdy clip" does not open enough in reality, & so it is largely useless trim---with difficulty, I can get about 1/4" of the fabric of my shirt pocket's fabric under the clip. Aside from the problem with the cap the pen handles nicely. Watch out: the pen comes without any instructions on its pretty little box. When you unscrew the pen open you will find 2 small blue ink cartridges inside, the top one has to be flipped around so that the other end is facing into the pen and as you screw the body shut the cartridge tip will be punctured so supplying ink flow to the nib. When the 1st cartridge becomes empty, be sure to keep it as a spacer below the 2nd cartridge otherwise the 2nd cartridge will not engage with the base of the nib unit. Of course, if you are using the long ink cartridges then you will not need an empty cartridge as a spacer. The pen is pretty & it seems well constructed. It would be very good value for money if only the cap could be securely posted. The other snag with the clip being almost flush with the cap is that the there is not a lot to stop the pen rolling.
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This pen works very well...
August 25, 2013
This pen works very well and is good quality, however, it is not very durable. I was carrying this pen around in my school bag (which in defense of the pen, weighs upwards of about 20 pounds when it is full and can sometimes end up having the weight on top of my pens) along with a Lamy Safari fountain pen. This pen's barrel cracked along the clear plastic, eventually leading to the whole ink cartridge leaking all over my hands in the middle of a class, while the Safari worked perfectly fine.

However, this pen is a very good pen if you are careful with it. The ink runs smoothly and the pen is easy to clean, and as a bonus, can also use international sized pen cartridges as long as you put them in securely. The grip is fairly comfortable for long periods of writing as well. Make sure you take care when using this pen.
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