Pelikan Pelikano Junior Fountain Pen P67A - Right-Handed - Blue Body

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Children can be quite rough with things, even things such as school products! So when children are learning to write, they need something that can support and withstand their challenging learning environment. Give the gift of the Pelikano Junior, a great fountain pen to introduce kids (and adults) to the joys of fountain pen writing! Comes with an "A" size nib (closest to a medium), and left-handed models are available. Pen features:

- A new, specially developed grip profile
- A modern, trendy barrel design
- Four modern translucent colors
- Unique cap and shaft designed for anti-roll
- Sturdy, flexible nib
- Special model for left-handers

Refills with both short and long Pelikan ink cartridges.

Model NumberPELIKAN 940874
Weight0.9 ounces
Body Color Blue
Body Material Plastic
Clippable No
Converter-Compatible Yes
Design Style Kid-Friendly
Diameter - Grip 12.8 mm
Diameter - Max 14.3 mm
Grip Color Orange
Grip Material Rubber
Ink Refillable Yes
Length - Capped 13.1 cm
Length - Posted 15.2 cm
Length - Uncapped 12.5 cm
Mechanism Capped
Pre-Installed Ink Color Blue
Tip Length 17.2 mm
Tip Material Metal
Tip Size Medium (A)

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I enjoy writing with...
May 25, 2011
I enjoy writing with fountain pens and have many of them; so I got these for my children. These pens are wonderful for children who don't like to write hard, and also wonderful for teaching children they don't need to write hard. I got one for my 3 year old hard-writer, and he wasn't ready for it, and bent the nib, but as far as nibs go, this one handled more abuse than my other pens would have. I gave him a new one at 6, and he LOVES it! He loves to chose the different colors of ink too. I'd say this pen is perfect for a child one they begin learning to write. If you have a child that presses a pen brutally hard, wait until they begin writing and have the ability to realize that with this pen they won't need to press so firmly. The rubber grip, with special areas for proper grip placement, is extremely comfortable. if you want a fountain pen to last, don't cap the lid on the back or it may stretch over time. I'm learning to place the lid right in front of me so I don't lose it and cap the pen as soon as I'm done writing. If you want to cap the end, just place it on lightly but firmly enough that it doesn't fly off.
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Love it, I am a fountain...
March 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
Love it, I am a fountain pen lover and this is the one I grab when my older hand gets a little stiff and cramped up. This is a nice fat pen with a really comfortable triangular rubberized grip and even clean ink flow. Wish it had a pocket clip but you can't have everything. Great bright colors one they are inexpensive and they work great
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I use this pen everyday...
August 27, 2010
Verified Purchase
I use this pen everyday and it works wonderfully. I even bought one for my 14 year old son to use for school. I would recommend this to anyone that loves to write with a fountain pen. Recommend buying extra replacement cartridges if you do a lot of writing since you will go through a lot of ink. The long ink cartridges work best.
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Nice grip, for my adult...
December 9, 2009
Verified Purchase
Nice grip, for my adult hands, but the nib is very weak..bent back with minimal pressure. I wouldn't recommend this for children or adults.
I have only one negative...
October 7, 2009
I have only one negative about this pen - the top cracks over time. It splits from the inside out when you place it on the back of the pen (as you write, for example).

It writes beautifully, but I've had to have 2 replaced due to the cracking top.