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February 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
DO NOT BUY IF YOU USE FOUNTAIN PENS. The journal itself, with the various elastic cords, leather cover, and packaging is every bit as nice as the Midori Traveller's Notebook, which shares the same design. It is quite lovely. The paper refills are also quite smooth and perfectly acceptable for pencil, ballpoint, and gel/rollerball pens up to medium width. However, for most fountain pens this paper is terrible. It feathers with every ink I tried ( Sailor, Pilot, Diamine, Noodlers--except black--and Platinum. Even with a Sailor 1911 with a fine nib (0.30mm nib width) the paper feathered so much it looked as if I was writing with a bold nib. The ink also bled through the paper.

If one does not use fountain pens or bold-tipped gel pens, this would be a great notebook. For fountain pen users, my only recommendation is to replace the refilled with the original sized Midori traveller's notebook refills. They are the same size, and the paper is superior for use with fountain pens.
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I received my journal...
May 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
I received my journal last week, and fell in love with this form factor. It's very portable, fits in my purse/bag very well. It's very customizable. I've added a charm to the elastic closure, I've made my own inserts - grid, sketch paper, watercolor, 2 made of an old map for collaging, and a 2-pocket thing made of an old file folder that will fit around one of the notebook-type inserts. I added an old name tag holder to the inside front cover (with double-sided tape) in the included insert to hold 3x5 cards and making-tape sticker sheets. The stock inserts are a little bigger than 8x8 - and not perfectly square. It's close enough though, that I am making my homemade inserts 8x8 and it works fine for me.

The included unlined insert is good paper. I have been using Uniball gel pens for writing, and that works quite nice and smooth; also tried out the light black Aquash Brush Pen filled with Pigment Ink, and it didn't bleed through.

What kept me from giving it a top rating is that, rather than being similar to the Midori Traveler's Notebook, it's an outright clone- right down to the positioning of text stamped in the leather, the box printed on the first page of the inserts, the packaging. They didn't take the idea and make it their own, they just imitated.

I went with the Pelle because I figured it was a little greener ordering something made here in the US where I am, but after getting it and comparing reviews online that show pictures of both side by side, the outright lift of design is so blatant that it made me uncomfortable.

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I bought the Pelle Journal...
August 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
I bought the Pelle Journal to compare with a Midori Travel Journal that I already own. For better-or-worse, the Midori wins hands down. Essentially, the Midori is made of paper quality / thicker leather. It keeps its shape when the paper signatures are inserted. The Pelle, however, wants to fold in on itself. Thinking the elastic was pulled too tight, I attempted to restring it. No luck. I'll be sticking with my Midori.
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Just got mine yesterday,...
June 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
Just got mine yesterday, and I'm already in love with it. Is it pretty much the same darn thing as the Midori, to the point of being a "rip-off" of their design? Yes, obviously it is. In all honesty though, for so long it was nearly impossible to get the Midori here in the states (unless it's just that I was just completely inept at searching online, which is totally possible I guess), that I am not totally surprised that someone attempted to fill that niche. I have wanted a Midori for so long that I jumped at the opportunity to get something that is similar. To tell the truth, I had given up on getting a Midori and only realized that it was more available in the states now after I ordered this journal and started looking up ways to make DIY inserts. Still, I'm not unhappy with this purchase. I love my journal. I immediately went out and got a Rhodia no18 and made a couple of my own inserts out of the paper. They are much cheaper that way.

The journal itself is beautiful and just feels and looks so beautiful that I just find my fingers itching to use it. I look forward to making this journal my own, and to having it for a long long time.
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