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I just received my journal...
February 5, 2012
I just received my journal and really love it. I've used several types of journals and paper including moleskine and rhodia and honestly prefer the paper in this. This is now my go to journal. I use fountain pens (Cross, Lamy, and Pilot Prera) with multiple ink brands (Noodlers, Waterman, J. Herbin) and the paper is wonderful with all these pens and inks. The cover is soft and supple but plenty stable. It's a joy to write in. It just begs you to pick it up and start journaling. I purchased the plain and grid notebooks (only because the lined was out of stock) and can honestly say the paper in both is just a treat to write on. I want to buy more of these now. I'm just trying to figure out how I will justiy the purchase of another :)
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Пожалуй, лучшее...
July 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
Пожалуй, лучшее что может быть. Отличный блокнот для записей. Однако, колличестволистов безжалостно маленькое.
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