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I do like this Pelle...
November 7, 2012
I do like this Pelle journal and all. I bought it without the knowledge that Midori has a competing product called the Midori Traveller. So regarding this Pelle, the corners want to try to collapse due to the tension of the elastic cords. Keeping them from collapsing is next to impossible. I tried adjusting the tension but nothing helped. I saw another review where the user added two more notebooks and claims to have solved the collapsing of the corners problem. The leather is sort of 'flappy' and not very rigid on the Pelle, but it is still nice.

This got me curious, so I bought a large Midori at roughly 55, and this one (Pelle) is 39 is bit smaller. I found the Midori leather to be a bit heftier but supple and the corners do NOT collapse on the corners from the elastic bands (even with just one notebook). I think I'm sold on the outer cover of the Midori, but the linen paper in the Pelle is better and weightier than the Midori paper. Any way, either product will do the job and I like them both for different reasons.
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I've owned a Midori Travelers...
May 23, 2012
I've owned a Midori Travelers Notebook for years - it's clear these folks have worked hard to copy every aspect of that product from the linen sleeve to the packaging to the dimensions of the notebook to the way inserts are held by the notebook. The same way I'm not going to by a Bolex watch, I'm really, really reluctant to endorse the Pelle, regardless of where it's made. A knockoff is a knockoff.
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