Pelle Linen Paper Notebook Insert - Large (4.3" X 8.3") - Drawing - 64 Pages

Pelle Linen Paper Notebook Insert - Large (4.3" X 8.3") - Drawing - 64 Pages

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One large size drawing paper Pelle Linen notebook refill for the Pelle Leather Journal. Each Pelle Linen notebook is individually handmade in California, USA.

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I ordered the Drawing...
May 22, 2012
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I ordered the Drawing insert to see if I liked it, and test it with light watercolor. I won't reorder it again after this one is used up, but it's really not bad paper - it's just not what I need for my style of art.

This is very heavy, very stiff paper. But it is (understandably) not for wet media - I have tried a couple of watercolor sketches, and you can't push the paint around at all, it buckles (which I don't mind) and it pills (which I *do* mind). If you were to just do a quick, small wash of color for a visual pop in a sketch, it's ok, though not ideal.

For drawing, I'm not fond of the texture with pencil. I like the plain unlined insert better for pencil sketching.

With an Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, it's actually pretty good, though the ink shows (*not* bleeds, just shows) through a little more than I would like.

Collage seems like it would work well - the paper stands up to glue well, and the piece I glued on doesn't show any signs of peeling off.

Once I use up the unlined insert that came with the Pelle journal, I will use this up by journaling in it, and then just make my own sketch or watercolor inserts.