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I want to like this eraser,...
April 29, 2011
I want to like this eraser, but a couple of flaws keep it from being a favorite.
The triangular shape should allow precision erasing, but once you've worn a corner down, the precision is lost. After a few erasures, you're left with a big round eraser.
The mechanism doesn't hold the eraser in place well, so direct pressure will push the eraser back into the body. Side-to-side is okay, but combined with the above, it loses the precision the triangular shape could deliver.
The eraser itself is good, not abrasive at all, and very effective. I don't find the shavings to be sticky or hard to brush off, and HB markings are 98% removed. If the clutch could hold the eraser in place better, this could be perfect.
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In response to a couple...
October 26, 2010
In response to a couple of previous reviews regarding crumbs/dust sticking to the paper:

I've also noticed this happening but I've found that lightly pressing the eraser to those clumps lifts them with almost no effect on any graphite that might be under those crumbs. There is some but I'd have to break out a loupe or magnifying glass to notice.

On the other hand, I tend to only do non-"production" sketches so I might not be the best authority.

For me this eraser works very, very well and is (in my opinion) a step up from the round click-sticks by which I used to swear. I like the shape much more since I find it to be much more versitile.

Just my opinion. HTH.
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It's ok. Although I wouldn't...
March 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
It's ok. Although I wouldn't buy this again over any other block eraser such as the kokuyo campus and uni boxy, it does its job as a reliable knock eraser. It leaves lots of residue and loses its sharp triangular points over time, but erases pretty cleanly. 3/5 but wouldn't buy again. If you want a knock eraser go with the tombow precision, or, get a block eraser for more reliability.
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wow, using this compared...
September 14, 2011
wow, using this compared to my steadler mars eraser stick, is so much better, the eraser isn't crumbly and it removes my pencil marks with more ease, i would definitely recommend these :D
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It has a superb quality....
March 7, 2011
It has a superb quality. Erases clearly and neatly. Perfect for young artists.
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Its great as the eraser...
September 24, 2009
Its great as the eraser dust sticks on the paper...
my fan won't blow away then... NICE!
In terms of ergonomics, aesthetics as well as funtionality...
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I bought this one as...
September 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought this one as a replacement for the Pentel clic and I like this one much better. I use pretty dark lead like B and 2B and it cleans well. I study engineering so it's a lot of drawing diagrams and Math.This will be my new favorite and I will be buying the refills often.
I bought this in 3 colors...we...
June 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought this in 3 colors...we do crossword puzzles a lot. One is for home, one is for travel, and the other...just in case. The refills are obviously for when we wear it down.
These allow you to be very precise in your erasures and are less frustrating than the larger, round ones. The click mechanism also seems to work a bit better than the round one.
Best of all, they do not roll anywhere...
I expect them to last a long while.
Highly recommended if you need a pencil eraser.
I love this eraser. ...
April 18, 2015
I love this eraser. I use it every day. It is a very durable eraser that removes lead that other erasers can't. I do a lot of detail drawings at work and really enjoy the shape of the eraser. The points are great for removing small details while the flat is great for larger errors. This eraser works really well on removing colored pencil lead too.
I love this eraser body...
March 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love this eraser body and the refills. I am really happy Pentel released this pen style eraser and that the refills have high quality. Before, I was using the Pentel Clic and I hated it. The plastic body was okay, but it felt cheap and the eraser refills break easily. Thank you Pentel for releasing this upgraded eraser!
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