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  Wonderful!! I purchased..., March 30, 2012
I purchased a few of these erasers about a year ago and have had fantastic luck with them. I've since tried the other erasers shown here at JetPens but none compared really. They actually hold up. All the other stick style erasers I've tried all back into the tube when you try to use them (I'm a little heavy handed) but these Ain erasers hold up remarkably well. I completely recommend!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  For tight spots this..., February 18, 2011
For tight spots this eraser is hands down the BEST. The triangle is stiff enough but you hardly have to press down just lightly go back and forth and even 2B lead comes right up. For 2 bucks this is my only eraser.
  Best erasers from Pentel...., July 19, 2014
Best erasers from Pentel. These baby get the job done. Clean erase. Feels nice to hold and use. Too bad you can't find these in stores anymore. Maybe the best eraser I haveq?
  I love this eraser. It..., August 3, 2010
I love this eraser. It works well for my big math mistakes as well as the fine corrections for my diagrams. The only thing is that you have to even the earaser back out if you have done a lot of detailed corrections. Still the best eraser I've found.
  i love this eraser! (:..., March 1, 2010
i love this eraser! (: actually i found one at my local HEB and its more than this. i think i saw it at 3.00. i lost the outer shell of the eraser tho, so im not using it properly anymore. but its A GREAT buy.
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Disappointed. Pentel..., May 9, 2010
By bet...
Disappointed. Pentel usually have excellent erasers (the Hi-Polymer block erasers and the original round clic erasers are excellent). This Ain eraser seems to be made of different material and is harder than the hi-polymer & round clic erasers. Sometimes, this also causes the eraser to not be able to erase cleanly at all.

I will stick with their 2 original erasers, which are the best in the eraser market in my opinion.