Pentel Ain Supplio Nanotech Scented Pencil Lead - Positive - 0.5 mm - HB

Pentel Ain Supplio Nanotech Scented Pencil Lead - Positive - 0.5 mm - HB

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These nano scented leads are a fascinating new product from Pentel! They are designed to satisfy your poetic urges as well as tantalize your sense of smell. The 2007 award winning product uses nanotechnology to embed microscopic aroma bubbles within the lead. With each use, the bubbles are popped and "a fragrant effect with the ability to improve learning" is released into the air. Indulge in aromatherapy at school or at the office with the Pentel Ain Supplio!

There are three aromatherapy scents available:

Healing (ヒーリングブレンドの香り) - gives you a change of mind. Has a soft, soothing scent, like lavender or fragrant tea.

Refresh (リフレッシュブレンドの香り) - gives you an extra boost when you feel tired. Has a winter fresh, minty scent.

Positive (ポジティブブレンドの香り) - clears your mind so you can be motivated at work. Has a spring time scent of flower petals.

Leads write in smooth, dark lines. Both scented leads and their matching pencil bodies are available.

Customer Reviews

August 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
I love the smell of this!...
January 19, 2010
I love the smell of this! It really does lift my spirits up! The soft rsoewater scent is fairly noticeable you can sniff the tip of your pencil and smell it. After writing a while you can smell it in the air. It's not pungent or sharp smelling and wouldn't give you a headache. My only concern is that it doesn't look as dark as my other #2 pencil leads so I've never tried it on scantrons.
when I first opened the...
December 29, 2009
Verified Purchase
when I first opened the package and took a whiff, i was overwhelmed by the strong scent, but i noticed that it neutralizes once you start writing with it. 5 stars from me!!
I Really love the smell...
March 11, 2009
Verified Purchase
I Really love the smell of this lead. It really does smell like flower. Actually all of my family says it smells like the Peony blossoms that bloom in the spring. The Lead does make me feel happier, and really does make me more productive. The familiar scent was very relaxing, considering it's in the middle of winter right now. I really enjoy the scent, and the effects.