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Pentel Aquash Waterbrush Pen - Large


Pentel Aquash Waterbrush Pen - Large - PENTEL FRH-B
  • Pentel Aquash Waterbrush Pen - Large - PENTEL FRH-B
  • Pentel Aquash Waterbrush Pen - Large - PENTEL FRH-B
  • Pentel Aquash Waterbrush Pen - Large - PENTEL FRH-B
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For fuller coverage try this Aquash large sized brush. Medium and fine are also available!

Waterbrushes are a fairly new invention from Japan that have quickly gained popularity all around the world. There is a lot of potential in these brushes, as they eliminate the tools normally needed for watercolor paintings. They are also extremely portable, allowing one to paint on the go.

Aquash is so simple to use, anyone can enjoy it. Just create a crayon sketch, and then use the Aquash brush to blend the lines and colors. Or, you can apply the Aquash brush directly to the crayons and use them like paint. The brush is very easy to clean, just squeeze out some water and brush it on the sponge provided or a paper towel. One brush can be used for an entire painting!


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Model NumberPENTEL FRH-B
Shipping Weight0.30 oz
Body Color Blue
Body Material Plastic
Cartridge-Compatible Yes
Clippable No
Design Style Waterbrush
Diameter - Grip 12 mm
Diameter - Max 18 mm
Grip Color Clear
Grip Material Plastic
Length - Capped 15.6 cm
Length - Posted 17.1 cm
Length - Uncapped 14.2 cm
Mechanism Capped
Tip Length 18 mm
Tip Material Synthetic Hair
Tip Replaceable No
Tip Size Large

4 people found this helpful
  I LOVE these brushes...., January 15, 2008
By elfgirl45 - See all my reviews
I LOVE these brushes. I've tried a few different brands of waterbrushes, and these are definitely my favorite. The water comes out just right when you squeeze it, unlike some which will squeeze out too little or too much. It's also really easy to refill. And the shape is great because it won't roll off the table. The brush/bristles itself are also the best around. My regular watercolor brushes are pretty much obsolete now because of these Pentel Aquash brushes. The large size is my favorite, but if you're going to be doing extremely detailed work you might want to go for medium or fine.
1 person found this helpful
  Easily the best waterbrush..., June 16, 2010
By shanna - See all my reviews
Easily the best waterbrush out there, great flow and precision, I love the way it fits in my hand, I tend to order these in bulk!
  The best picked up 5..., September 29, 2010
By cjfuka - See all my reviews
The best picked up 5 of these =) They might not work good on traditional watercolor paper I use it on Bristol board for coloring not really traditional watercoloring the size of the brush head is equal to like a #5 or #6 brush but it remains sharp after it dries.
It releases water as you paint trace ammounts or if you squeeze it you can release drops of water at a time.