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Fantastic pen! Great...
October 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
Fantastic pen! Great color, very smooth, and the needle point is actually durable. It would be my #1 pen, however it has slight bleed/shadowing on thinner notebook paper and the line width seems to run every so slightly thicker than its 0.5mm claim. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend this pen!

NOTE: These pens are actually by Pentel of America and assembled in Mexico. They are NOT Japanese! Even so, I really can't tell a difference in quality. Happy writing!
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I love this pen - nice...
June 9, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this pen - nice grip, smooth writing, a wonderful ink color - and even a strong clicking action. A great value.
I bought this pen originally just to fill out my order; but I returned to buy extras when I found that it was becoming my "go to" pen. The ink is wonderful - a nice blue color (there seems to be a hint of green in there). And its durable. I highly recommend it.
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nice pen!! very smooth thought...
April 19, 2016
Verified Purchase
nice pen!! very smooth
thought the color would be darker it still looks nice!
highly recommend
Great pens - use them...
April 13, 2016
Verified Purchase
Great pens - use them all the time!
Great pen for price....
November 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great pen for price. Would buy again.
I have various EnerGels...
November 1, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have various EnerGels in the metal barrels, so I'm happy they're also available in plastic barrels, which makes them casual and easy to pop into my bag. The .5 tip is smooth and glides on the paper. I highly recommend!
Love! Writes very p...
July 20, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love! Writes very precisley
My favorite pens. Hard...
April 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
My favorite pens. Hard to decide between the 0.7 and 0.5, but the energel ink is awesome and writes incredibly smooth
Out of the Classic Pentel...
September 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
Out of the Classic Pentel EnerGel BLN75-C (0.5), Uni-ball Micro (0.5), and the Pilot G-2 (0.5.), this one is the best. It's comfortable. The ink color writes the best! the color is perfect. The pen writes very smooth and I recommend refills from online or at your local stationary shop. The sticker sometimes come off after vigorous use so try to switch to the other version of this pencil available at Staples/Office Depot and you could use the same refills! Also environmentally friendly!! Pentel is the best.
Good clicking like how...
July 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
Good clicking like how I expect Japanese (Pentel) pens to be. Good and comfortable grip for good control. The writing with this pen is really smooth and it has the perfect shade of blue; It writes dark but not too light. It's 0.5 which is good for writing neatly or writing down notes in class. Also it's environmentally friendly :]. Great pen!!
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