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The Pentel Graph 1000 is a pencil made for professionals.

Its all brass, three jaw clutch mechanism gives excellent support for the pencil lead. In addition, the Pentel Graph 1000's center of gravity is close to the writing tip. Well designed and ergonomic, it's a favorite for drafting.

Other features:

- One click provides lead length equal to the diameter of the lead.

- Cleanly designed tip allows excellent view as you draw.

- Features detachable pocket clip, shielded eraser, and adjustable lead grade indicator.

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When you stop and think...
October 29, 2011
Verified Purchase
When you stop and think about it, EVERYTHING is a phyllic symble. I s-u-p-p-o-s-e I could carry around a standard number 2 pencil in my DayRunner, But what fun would that be? Life, for me, is invoking a sence of envy and wonder in people. The funny thing about ENVY is that you don't have to be a millionare to have people cursing the day they were born because they don't posses what you own. Take the Pentel graph 1000 for Pro Drafting Pencil (black) for example. Im I a Draughtsman slaving over blueprints and needing a high tech, precision writing instrument, to make my lines more straighter? No. Draughtsmen use CAD software now days. Am I a graphic artiste who needs a balanced draughting instrument to insure my lines are perfect,perfect,perfect? Again, No!!!

I sport a Pentel graph 1000 for Pro Drafting Pencil simply because I like how it makes people envious of me. Yes, I am that shallow, but whattya going to do? Everyone has an IPAD these days and as for an IPOD or Iphone4G(s)...Big Yawn!!! But open up my Day Runner and 'causally lay' my Pentel Graph 1000 for Pro Drafting mech pencil on the conference table and EVERYONE GOES Oooooh!!! You don't know what kind of slimeball I am. Two weeks ago, we were in a staff meeting and the head archetect spied my Pentel mech pencil. I told him "Pick it up, notice how the body is aluminum and that the weight is SLIGHTLY over the nose? Notice that, unlike that Sta....... garbage, my Pentel 'doesn't eat lead every five minutes---and feel that throaty 'click' of its head---smooth?" He asked me "How much did you pay for this? $100.00? I said, Nah---less than $15.00. If it means that much to you, I would be honoured if you would take it as a gift. Really? A week later, he dropped $300.00 bucks on me or about a grand on the four of us (Meal, drinks, taxis and several paid lap dances). See? I got a fabulous Friday night for a lousy $14.00 investment and the staff now call me 'the guy with the cool office toys'. Imagion if I had something worth $100.00?!!! FYI, I bought two from JETPENS (great company) and my remaining Pentel rarely leaves my DayRunner. If you LOVE doodling during boring staff meetings---this is your MechPencil!!!
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I have tried for years...
April 7, 2009
Verified Purchase
I have tried for years to find perfect pencil and I have finally come to conclusion [even though I knew before but always thought could find something better] that Pentel does make the best pencils especially this one. It is so sturdy and light and has a nice nonslippery grip [most pencils with grips are slippery after using them for a while].

I think this pencil is abot 15 gm heavy [which is very light]---it would help if Jetpens would enter weight in standard measurements instead of archaic e.g ounzes as those are hard to figure out.

I have also concluded that this pencil and other Pentel Graph 1000 limited edition hold the graphite perfectly decreasing the chance of snaping the graphite. Also, another very important fact is that these pencils hold the most graphite pieces in them [I think if I remember I can fill around 20 pieces [but have not counted], therefore do not have to worry and carry replecemt with you.

So, now I have this baby and different color Graph 1000 limited edition ones to use with different color graphite or different hardness. You wont regret buying this pencil or almost any other Pentel pencil.

Before I forget, these pencils also have pretty large eraser when compared to other companies' pencils.

Maybe if this pencil was retractable it would really be 10 out of 10, so now its like 9.5/10 :). Anyway I have never had a problem [for years already] having a non-retractable pencils--I kep them in shirt pocket often or bag, not in front pocket of pants.
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Currently I have almost...
August 18, 2011
Verified Purchase
Currently I have almost finished my collection of all of the .05mm drafting pencils that JetPens has to offer with the exception of a select few. I would have to say that this pencil is up there in my top 5. It gets put through the rigors of being an engineer on a daily basis (i.e. more calculations and computations that many could imagine) and holds its own. The weight is nicely balanced and while it may look like th grip is lacking, the smoothness of the barrel paired with the tackiness of the rubber grip strips creates a unique grip that does not fatigue the hand. The pencil is lighter than some of the other metal body pencils out there which I thought at first would make it weaker, but Pentel hs outdone themselves with how well made this pencil is. I tend to be a bit picky when it comes to lead extension, as I am an avid two click person that does not like a ton of lead after those two clicks. This pencil hasgood lead extension and does not overextend. The click is smooth and effortless. I would highly recommend this pencil to anyone that is doing a lot of writing or drawing that wants a good pencil for a good price.
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I bought this a few weeks...
February 15, 2011
Verified Purchase
I bought this a few weeks ago and have been comparing it to my Alvin Draft/Matic. I noticed the Graph 1000 is super light weight in comparison and seems cheap to my Alvin Draft/Matic. The graph 1000 writes/draws well and looks super sleek, but again i prefer the Alvin Draft/Matic, because it has quality and a solid low center of gravity balance you can definitely feel.
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I intended to purchase...
June 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
I intended to purchase this pencil, based on my previous ownership of this pencil.If you are cleaning up drawing for animation, illustration, when scanned , drawing looks like it was done with pen and ink.This pencil has a strong tip so it can be pushed to the limit, but also well balanced for lighter roughing work...be aware and do not put it in back pocket, that will definitely break the tip part , that was the limit I was talking about. :(
I will order another pretty soon.

I highly recommended this pencil.
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