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Simply superb pencil.....
April 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
Simply superb pencil.. I bought it back in 2012.. still using it.
This is an alright pencil...
March 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is an alright pencil I was expecting more from Pentel it's very light and the the material is not that good. I would recomend the graphgear 1000
the weight is very well...
March 1, 2015
Verified Purchase
the weight is very well balanced and writing is very comfortable. one of the best mechanical pencils I used!
Sadly, I was too poor...
February 15, 2015
Sadly, I was too poor to afford this pencil, but my friend gave it to me instead! Let me first say that just because so many people are writing amazing 5star reviews, don't expect a flawless amazing pencil that'll write for you and make everything perfect or whatever. Keep in mind, this is still a $14 pencil, but for it's price, I think that it's perfect. The weight, some say is too light, but it's heavy enough to have a nice weight on it. It's hard to say exactly what's so good about this pencil, but it's just so much better than an average p205 or other drafting pencil. There's nothing specific that makes this pencil so much better than any others, but it just is. The feel to it, the perfection of the writing, everything just makes this pencil so great. An easy 5/5 for me
Personally, this is the...
February 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
Personally, this is the best pencil. If you've get to buy just one pencil, this could be it.
This is the mech pencil...
October 26, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is the mech pencil that makes you stop longing for the perfect mech pencil and thinking oh I have to try yet something else . Because it is perfect. Perhaps not at a first glance, but once you start using it you´ll know. I´m pretty sure this is what perfect design is: it helps you to focus on your work instead of your tool. It has absolutely nothing distracting. The grip is very pleasant to the fingers - nothing too sharp/heavy/light/metallic/plasticky/slippery/rugged/wide/thin. It´s also a joy to behold in its understated ageless classiness. Buying this beauty will save you money because you will be content with what you have (such a rare experience, isn´t it...). You don´t have to use separate pencils for writing and sketching, because PG1005 is perfect for everything. Of course getting the .3 version will widen your possibilities, so that´s what I´m doing now... After that I will stop buying more mech pencils. I will. Really.
I liked this pencil more...
May 11, 2014
Verified Purchase
I liked this pencil more when it was new. Don't get me wrong, it's a very precise and cool-looking tool that's had no trouble whatsoever on the inside. However, if your fingers are just a little sweaty, or you touched your face before you took this mechanical pencil then its rubber inserts are quickly becoming just as slippery as their absence would be. My second and last issue with this pencil is that after a year of so of not so intensive use, the rubber grips started making clicking sound when you squeeze and release the grip. It seems to me that the base of those rubber inserts is sticking and then coming off of whatever is underneath with the clicking/snapping sound, which distracts attention from drawing. One last note is that my other pencil, exactly the same one except it’s 0.7 mm did not make clicking sound when you pressed to extend the lead. As if something was missing in it from the start, wonder if it might be a quality control issue.
You can tell it has a...
September 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
You can tell it has a strong mechanism when you write/draw with it. Definitely a drawing/graphing pencil. The grip is not that comfortable and takes some getting used to. I recommend the Pilot S5 but this pencil has a better led indicator (if it matters to the buyer).
Excellent pencil. I...
September 5, 2013
Excellent pencil. I own 6 or so .7mm pencils (including the outstanding Rotring 600) and still the one I keep coming back to is the Graph 1000. It is, IMO, what a good drafting pencil should look like. The nice ".7" on the cap end makes sure that I know exactly which pencil I'm grabbing. My only negative is that I wish it had more "heft" to it. It would be nice to see the barrel (body) be constructed of brass to give it some authority. Still, hands down, my favorite pencil.
I don't usually care...
August 2, 2013
I don't usually care to review items, but I felt the need to respond to one in particular from "sun..." as he/she seems to lack comprehension of how retail works, and is disparaging JetPens CS which has been nothing but awesome in my experience.

The label on this pencil is clearly a manufacturer label which JetPens does not apply, hence the Japanese characters, and manufacturer branding and barcode. Pretty sure they weren't BS-ing you on this one since the 0.3 mm size I bought at a local Japanese stationery shop has the same label. Keen eye buddy.

That said, unfortunately, they do use in-house labels for some other items, which are obviously printed with a laser printer and leave some residue. I contacted JetPens CS about the same thing and they profusely apologized for said residue, and gave some suggestions on how to remove it completely. But I mean really, as full-grown adults who live in a consumer society, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of us have figured out how to remove sticky residue from items we buy; it's not rocket science. Talk about first world problems.


Otherwise, this pencil is the bees knees for a high quality drafting pencil at a fair price. I have three different sizes (two of which I bought here after discovering the site) and I love them all. I normally prefer heavier all-metal pencils, but this is by far my favorite plastic model for light weight sketching.
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