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  Lightweight, Solid, Durable,..., February 9, 2011
Lightweight, Solid, Durable, good grip position, nice design.
Highly recommend 5/5
  One of the best pencil..., January 29, 2011
One of the best pencil I have ever used. I love the feeling when I hold it and it touches paper. Stronly recommended!
  This is one of the best..., November 22, 2010
This is one of the best pens I have ever used since my first purchase about 20 years ago. Pentel Graph still is the best mechanical pencil -- the grip is convenient, not too heavy, not too light, but very solid. I really wish Pentel continues to produce this amazing product on and on.
  This Pentel Pencil is..., August 12, 2009
This Pentel Pencil is really the first time I was surprised as to how well a pencil can write. It always makes for a sharp crisp line and the metal outer body makes it feels like a quality pencil with good rubber grip marks. Plus, it's lightweight but in the good sense!
  I've been using this..., May 8, 2009
By dkiser
I've been using this pencil for over ten years... I buy them for fun. I will always use them. Just don't stop making them Pentel, or try to improve upon by redesigning or making better. You've already created the best. -Derek
  Gosh, I'd have to agree,..., May 8, 2008
Gosh, I'd have to agree, this pencil is really light! It nice to hold, and has a sturdy rubber grip. It is really nice, but be careful that the tip doesn't bend, cause it does sometimes. Although that's really easy to fix if it does bend.
  This pencil makes me..., April 5, 2008
This pencil makes me want to sit and squee for half an hour straight. WONDERFUL. Totally recommended. With all my heart.
  Echoing all the reviews..., December 2, 2007
Echoing all the reviews after getting a recent assortment of mechanical pencil for my sketching collection, this model stood out for its balance, light-weight, excellent grip, and the comfortable precise control it affords. It feels like an ideal choice for a drawing tool to be used for hours. Its solid brass construction remind me of the sturdy aluminum casing of the Caran D'Ache Fixpencil since both are light and strong. Highly recommended for any artist's tool kit.
  A very good pencil. Light,..., July 16, 2007
A very good pencil. Light, supple, the grip is something else.
I'd buy them in bulk if they weren't so expensive.
Be careful not to drop them; the tip bends easily.
  Perfect Mech Pencil! The..., January 14, 2007
Perfect Mech Pencil!

The best graphing pencil i've tried so far!!! Perfectly balanced and feels wonderful on hand! Made with precision. High Quality product!
  This is an awesome mechanical..., September 1, 2006
By khadge
This is an awesome mechanical pencil. The grip is very good and very comfortable. The only negative I can think of is the non retractable tip, which should not be a problem for those of us who do not throw pens around. :D
  This was my first drafting..., November 28, 2005
This was my first drafting mechanical leadholder. Like the description says, the pencil is made of all brass, and this makes it very sturdy. The grip is so awesome, and is VERY professional looking! I highly recommend this rare pencil!! ;D
  Extremely Good Mechanical..., October 26, 2005
Extremely Good Mechanical Pencil. More streamlined and sturdy than any mere generic pencil. Accurate and precise. Easy on the hands.
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  this is no doubt a nice..., August 14, 2011
this is no doubt a nice pencil, good price, durable, nice grip... but the only problem i have is that the graphgear 1000 has a retractable nib, and this one doesnt, so im paranoid that if i drop this pencil, the nib will bend and it will not be usable
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  Good pencil..., February 9, 2011
By tom...
Good pencil
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  Hey so I just ordered..., August 17, 2012
By dav...
Hey so I just ordered this today and one thing that I was really wondering is if this pencil can use all lead hardnesses, or do I only limit to 6 lead grades? eg 4,3,2B, B, HB, F. DO I just get to use those? or can I put in more hardnesses like H,2,3,4H? Also any tips on how to keep it in a pencil case cause of the tip? i just also ordered the Nomadic Tri-Fold to go with this and my other handy pens etc! PLEASE if you could give a review aka Response to answer my questions that would be great! and Can't wait to get my order!
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  Just got this a few weeks..., July 31, 2013
By sun...
Just got this a few weeks ago. My comment is about the way I received the pencil from JetPens, not the Graph 1000 itself. (It looks very nice but I haven't put it thru any rigorous use yet).
I received the pencil essentially unpackaged..not in blister pack or in a cello bag..just the pencil...and here's my complaint...the sku label is stuck right on the barrel, right up there where you hold the thing and there you are trying to unstick this sticky label and you know it's going to leave residue behind...and so it did. So I emailed JetPens customer service just to ask why would they ship something in this manner?
IMHO a company like JetPens which is patronized by pencil and pen addicts that are typically hyper about these writing and drawing implements..which I am surely one of them...that JetPens would be sensitive to where they stick a *+!?#** label!!! To me its like they ruin the pencil.
Customer service just gave me the standard BS about it being delivered from the factory like that..I could return it..etc., etc., etc.,
Now I like JetPens immensely. Best all around selection, prices, free shipping..blah, blah, blah...and mostvstuff i buy comes in perfect, nicely packaged, but if anyone at JetPens is reading this stuff I'd suggest you go back to the sales office and get your factory or Pentel to not stick sku labels on the product itself. I expect more from JetPens.
This pencil is not the most exspensive thing but for 14.00 bucks you guys could stick them in a little cellophane bag and keep those *#!?*%! Sticky labels that ruin the pencil- off.