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October 29, 2009
This pencil is great...
Verified Purchase
This pencil is great for the price. I really like the minty blue color. And the end of it is heavier than the top, and it's very nice for drawing. I use it for drawing Manga. This is my first drafting pencil, and I really love it. I would recommend this.

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August 2, 2013
My hands are a bit towards...
Verified Purchase
My hands are a bit towards small, I have smallish hands and the thickness of the grip is just a bit too thick, it feels like a little too much. Although it's same thickness as Pentel's Graphgear 500, which is ok, still it feels like thicker. You could get used however, I guess. I think it felt thickish after Pentel Graph 1000. The quality is super and I begin to like how the thin line it leaves interacts with the body, which is, again I say a little too thick in the grip. Perhaps just a millimeter off would make it PERFECT

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May 5, 2012
This pencil is simply...
This pencil is simply amazing. It is my very first 0.3mm pencil ever. I was astonished to find the lead really small and thin, compared to lead 0.7mm. (I'm a 0.7mm user.) The blue green color is really cool and goes great with the silver color on the pencil. This pencil comes with 5 pieces of lead and be careful when dropping it. I already dropped it like 4 times and the tip got bent a bit. Though I fixed it somehow. It also comes with an eraser-lead jammer, in case you get the lead stuck. But to me, the grip is a bit slippery. I'm not complaining though.

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April 24, 2014
I was worried that such...
Verified Purchase
I was worried that such a thin lead (I'm using Hi-Uni)would be awkward to draw with or disappear on the page, but it shows up pretty dark and easily visible. If you're worried about a 0.3 for sketching, I say go ahead! It's replaced my 0.5 and I haven't looked back yet.

The pencil is very light overall, but the metal grip gives it a comfortable heft. Good for long periods of use. The one problem I found with it is that the edges of the clip are a bit pointy, and it wound up getting in the way as I rotated the pencil... aaand then I discovered that the clip slides off and felt a bit silly. So yeah! The clip slides off! Good to know.

Very decent pencil, and I love the colour.

April 3, 2014
I bought this pencil...
Verified Purchase
I bought this pencil with my first order because i needed a new .3 pencil and i really love it! I do find it a bit annoying that the tip isnt retractable, but it wont really be a problem so long as its kept on a desk or in a snug case. also the top bit of the pencil that lets you show the type of lead you're using is difficult to turn. Overall, if you can go with a .5, theres a lot better pencils you can get for a little less, but i know im gonna be using this pencil a lot while the tip lasts

August 10, 2013
I use mine exclusively...
Verified Purchase
I use mine exclusively for drawing and love that the distance between the tip and body allows for clear view of your work. I would not choose it for a writing pencil. The eraser is good and lasts a decent amount of time, but I only use it for small marks. I use a separate eraser for erasing large areas. I like that the eraser cap let's you indicate your lead hardness, but you have to pull it out a bit, grip the metal portion, then turn the dial. The color is quite attractive and true as pictured. I also own another in a different size, and if money were not an issue would want one of every size (and color!).

June 11, 2013
I love this pencil. Being...
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil. Being my first pencil smaller than .5mm I wasn't completely sure what to expect, but I was blown away when I got it! I simply love it. Not only is is really pretty with the light blue color & silver grip, but the way it writes is also beautiful. This was my first buy from JetPens & also the reason I'm coming back to buy more awesome .3mm pencils!