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Absolutely a great pencil!...
September 11, 2011
Absolutely a great pencil! I picked it up while I was in Japan last summer, and it's lasted for a long time! I use it for my agenda where I have to write really small and precise. The weight is nice, but not perfect. It's a little too low-centered for my taste, but it's a very nice pencil! It is a little fragile- from just keeping it in my pencil bag the 4 mm sleeve has bent, but just a little. For the money, it's a VERY nice pencil!

The specs don't say, but the lead grade indicator goes from 4H to B.

The only really negative thing is that the sleeve is a little bit difficult to hold onto...
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The newest in the great...
January 24, 2009
Verified Purchase
The newest in the great line of Pentel (of Japan) drafting pencils. A simple but elegant pencil that's a pleasure to write and draw with. Lightweight with a metal grip that appears to be non removable. Lead grade indicator in the push button locks in with a click and stays put. Satin finished rings comprise the grip and make a nice alternative to the common knurled, or diamond, pattern no a lot of metal grips. One of the best things about the Pentel pencils, and the Graph 600 is no exception, is the fact that the lead is extended in very small increments so the user is able to get just the right amount of lead without running the risk of lead breakage.
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Before I received this...
February 2, 2012
Verified Purchase
Before I received this pencil, my go-to pencil was the GraphGear 500 (0.5mm). I'll still keep that pencil in my case for back up, but this new one is way better in my opinion. I prefer smaller lead and it fit my needs perfectly.
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