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September 24, 2013
the pencil feels and...
the pencil feels and looks very nice the only problem i ave with it that i cant use it when im not at home because the lead is broken every time i get it out of my pencil case. (to make this clear not the tip of the lead breaks - the lead breaks in the pencil!) i can not recommand this pencil if you want to use it not only at home.....

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January 17, 2012
This pencil is a little...
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This pencil is a little clicky - the lead sleeve clacks around when it's jostled. This isn't an issue but it's a little bothersome during tests and other quiet environments. It doesn't make noise during normal writing, just when it's flipped to erase, etc. The grip is comfortable and weighted well - it's not too heavy or too light (I've stabbed myself by dropping my Alvin Draftmatic point down... this pencil isn't weighty enough for that) and it offers a more substantial feel without an uncomfortable knurled grip. My one big complaint is that the color isn't as depicted. I was expecting a deep designer red orange, I would describe this color more as carrot. It's more towards yellow than red. I own the blue one as well and find it much more pleasing to the eye. Either way this is a nice deviation from the boring looking drafting pencils and it has a solid spot in my pencil case, mostly for its weight and grip comfort.

2 people found this helpful