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  This pencil uses the..., March 15, 2011
This pencil uses the same brass, 3-jawed clutch mechanism as the Smash and Graph 1000, with a metal magazine tube. Balance is forward, as expected with the metal grip, which is not altogether grippy, but not what I'd call slippery. Everything's up to Pentel snuff, no surprises. For now, this is my go-to drawing pencil. And if you're not sure, yes, the color is absolutely gorgeous in life. This is one fine looking tool.
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  I bought this pencil..., February 19, 2012
By bev...
I bought this pencil for the simplistic design & the lovely mint color of this pencil. Most of the weight of the pencil is towards the tip, most likely due to the heavier, metal grip and lighter, plastic body. Overall a good, comfortable pencil for the price. The color is really attractive & soothing so much so that even though this isn't the best or most comfortable pencil I own, I still find myself picking it up quite often.
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  I need to amend part..., May 4, 2011
I need to amend part of my review:
This does not appear to use the same mechanism as the Smash and Graph 1000, but it is rather essentially identical, save for cap, grip, and nosepiece, to the Graphgear 500. This one's the looker, but I think the Graphgear 500 is more comfortable to use, with its rounded edges and grippy knurling, as opposed to the square-profile step-downs to the sleeve on this model.
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  I really like this. The..., April 6, 2011
By myb...
I really like this. The color is beautiful-just like it looks on my screen-a minty blue. I like the weight of the pencil, but I would prefer the grip area to be more comfortable. I'm still glad I got it, but it is painful to use for too long at a time.
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  I bought this pencil..., October 20, 2010
I bought this pencil for the color, and it's just beautiful! In my screen, it looked a bit bluer than it actually is, but the color is still lovely. (I think it's the exact same color of a Godiva mint chocolate chip truffle.)
I only use it for regular writing, since I'm not an artist, and I'm very pleased with it. It's very comfortable to hold and use.
  A really beautiful pencil..., September 16, 2014
A really beautiful pencil for drafting and sketching. A must buy!
  I like this pencil alot,..., April 19, 2014
By art...
I like this pencil alot, but not as much as the Graph 500 series. It's a little longer than I like, and the grip is not as grippy as the 500 series. It's color is lovely, and I like the lead hardness indicator on the cap. It's well made, and overall a very good pencil.
  Gorgeous pencil, the..., July 29, 2013
Gorgeous pencil, the mint color is so cool and it has such great balance. With 2b lead the 600 has a tremendous feel, smooth but precise. Reminds me a lot of the pentel smash (which i also love) but if possible it performs even better. First pencil i reach for out of my toolbox (and i have basically the entire pentel line :D)...i ordered one and now i have 3 more as backups. Highly recommended.
  This is a fine Pentel..., June 25, 2012
This is a fine Pentel mechanical pencil. I am pleased with the quality and performance. The only drawback from my perspective is the metal grip. The rings which circle the barrel are not as comfortable as the knerled grip found on the Pentel Graphgear 500. This is a personal choice and does not affect the performance of the pencil. I'm glad to add it to my daily rotation.
  this a very beautiful..., October 15, 2010
By swe...
this a very beautiful pencil to use, even though i didn't buy it from here & these are hard to find in the UK & the colour is discontinued but luckily i ended up finding it in a UK shop
the grips is suprisingly comfortable to use when drawing & the price is pretty good as well
i usually use whatever mech pencil i can find, i always used a cheaper mech pencil because they are easier to access & pus its helps as i have a huge range of different graded leads at home
but i haven't tried the refill mechanism though but a very attractive & a beautiful pencil to use
& plus i've never seen a pencil in such a pretty colour
  i was in the wrong: this..., October 4, 2010
i was in the wrong: this pencil is perfectly fine and normal. apparently there was a jam in the advancing mechanism that had to be fixed, but now it works just as well as any other, and may be my favorite because of the color! i recommend it.
  disappointing: I was..., October 2, 2010
I was really excited for this because I have the Graph Gear 500 and thought it would be as great of quality. There are a few differences in the design, particularly the grip; on the Graph Gear 500 the grip is diamond-cut and rough to keep from slipping, but the "non-slip ridges" on this do not help much at all. I was disappointed mainly in the clicking mechanism as it would not advance the lead unless pointed straight down and clicked with deliberate purpose repeatedly. At first I thought it just advanced in small increments, but that proved false as I clicked gently as one does with a new pencil and found nothing would come out. Finally I got frustrated enough to click it almost violently and it would come out randomly.
If you want this for style, get it because the color is very unique, but if you want something for function, I recommend looking into other drafting pencils on here. Do not lose faith in Pentel! They are still my favorite and most reliable manufacturer. Look into the Graph Gear 500 or 1000 or the Ohto Super Promecha line.