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Pretty solid pencil....
December 26, 2010
Verified Purchase
Pretty solid pencil.
All-metal construction so that it won't be breaking in the near future.
Tip is too long.
Grip: Fantastic; the rubber dots on the grip make it very comfortable to hold, while the overall texture makes it non-slip

Clip: My favorite feature. It locks on to papers and other things securely. It is also the mechanism that keeps the vanishing point tip for the lead feed to stay out. When clicked, the vanishing point retracts.
*FUN NOTE* If you remove the cap concealing th eraser, and then retract the tip, it will launch the eraser out. I find this particularly entertaining.
Complaint: The distance from the grip to the point is too far. It requires me to write at an uncomfortably low angle compared to my regular writing style.
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A perfectly weighted...
November 27, 2010
A perfectly weighted retractable pencil, this is by far my favorite mechanical pencil (the one I won't let ANYONE use). I got this while I was in architecture school and of all the nifty pens and pencils I've come across, this is the one I still use most, with a hard lead for writing. This is one smooth pencil...
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I bought this pencil...
February 16, 2008
I bought this pencil under impulse mainly because I was sick and tired of my old Zebra 0.5mm mechanical pencils that kept shattering my lead under any form of pressure, an extreme hassle when trying to write very detailed Kanji or Korean characters. I upgraded to this pencil and it was a dream, so much that my friends who were initially skeptical, later was won over by this very same pencil. This pencil is a great drafting pencil, but I do very little sketching or drafting since I'm not an artist nor an engineer. I'm simply a person with a lot of letters to write. The grip is fantastic, it'll never slip, the pencil is heavier than most but I prefer it that way for the center of balance. The design is very well done and it's a lovely mesh of metal, but above all it's very distinct, people stare at if it were from another world. But by far the most important feature of this pencil is it's extended pencil sleeve, if you look at the very fine tip, the sleeve is longer than most, double my old zebra. This allows for lead to not break under pressure and allows for a much faster flow of writing. Since using this pencil for several months, it's been brutalized through dozens of philosophy tests, countless Korean/Japanese letters, and just English in itself, and it never flinched.
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I love this pencil so...
June 1, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil so very much. Perfectly weighted, heavy pencil retraction though. Kind makes you think it'll break. I find it pretty well balanced for the way I draw and the tip makes it that much smoother to draw in comparison to regular pencils and cheap lead pencil
great pencil. Was really...
April 11, 2016
great pencil. Was really helpful in my drafting class and wood-shop class. I still use today even though I don't take either of those classes now. Great pencil in general, the only down sides that I can think of are when you are using it for a long time, the grip makes your fingers cramp. Also, that when the lead breaks inside the pencil, it is really hard to get it out. Other than that it is a great pencil.
I am not a pencil expert...
August 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
I am not a pencil expert but as a Phd candidate in computer science, I actually needed a durable pencil that I can carry with me everywhere. I take long notes around books that I read and I have not felt any numbness or tiredness in my hands when using this pencil. It is a solid pencil with an amazingly well-thought yet simple retracting feature. It may take a little while to get used to it at first if you have not used it before, but this process is pretty quick and once you are used to it, it really becomes a part of your daily note taking. I am honestly not looking for an alternative right now, and in fact, I have purchased my second one which will be arriving soon, in case something bad happens to my current one, I don't want to be interrupted. I checked other alternatives before giving a try to this one, they are either too expensive like Rotring, or they either don't have enough capabilities that I am looking for or they do have more than what I need in a complex form. However, this guy combines the perfect balance of quality, premium looking and feel and functionality with an affordable price. I can summarize some the pros of this pen as follows:

1. Durable and solid. Lead doesn't move around.
2. There is no wobbly part of it.
3. The top of the pencil doesn't play.
4. The grip is, I don't know what exactly I should expect, but good to me. I don't have any grip issues.
5. The retracting functionality is top-notch. I can safely put this in my bag without worrying about my bag and the pencil itself.
6. Offered in an affordable price. If something bad happens, you won't lose 50 dollars.
7. Light weight but not cheap. It has a solid feel into it.
8. Looking nice in your hands. You feel like you can actually inherit it to your kids in the future :)

Well, if you are looking for something else other than these items above from a pencil, then you may need to switch back to a laptop or a mobile phone.
One of my favorite writing...
August 13, 2015
One of my favorite writing instruments of all time. This is a pencil with a lot of nice aspects, and every one of those aspects is on display without being garish or over-stylized. It's definitely a case of form following function,

There are a couple of pens that I like to write with more, but no pencil I like to write with more.
Nice pencil. Feels heavy,...
June 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
Nice pencil. Feels heavy, solid and very comfortable as well.
Pretty good pencil I...
March 5, 2015
Pretty good pencil I paid $20.00 dollars so that got me pissed but other than that pretty good. And if your thinking of getting this pencil please be aware that the paint or whatever they use to make the thing that says .5 that peels off and i've only had it for a year other than that it is a very cheap metal drafting pencil.!!!!!!
I had my eye on this...
February 17, 2015
I had my eye on this pencil for about two years and I didn't really want to spend $16 on a pencil but I'm seriously glad I did.

I originally bought the Graphgear 500 and I'm a bit clumsy with my pencils and broke the tip off both the ones I bought. The retracting tip really helps prevent that problem

Being made from a sturdy metal really adds to the "indestructible" feel. I only wish that the clip retraction was something other than the clip. For those who are thinking about buying this pencil, to retract the tip you press down the clip. I use the clip a lot from class to class as I hate carrying a pencil case and after about a week, I feel the clip is losing some of it's spring.
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