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  THIS PENCIL IS AMAZING!!! It..., January 25, 2012
It is very to comfortable tool to write with as it has a PERFECT weight in my opinion.
The retractable tip is also very good to have as this protects the tip.
The clip is a movable one so you could clip this to a thick object such as a notebook.
  I bought one of these..., December 31, 2011
By t.s...
I bought one of these for the retractable tip. The mechanics works well with a very positive 'click and snap'. But I find this pencil to be too long with a bulky grip. The feel of this pencil in my hand is not comfortable at all. If it was'nt so long it would'nt need a retractable tip. To add to the unattractive appearance is a huge protruding pocket clip. I bought this pencil at the same time I bought my Alvin Draftmatic, which I have used extensively while this one has always sat in a jar. I have since moved on to the Staedtler 925. Try the Uni Shift, I have one and like it as well.
  Amazing. It combines..., December 11, 2011
Amazing. It combines looks with performance. Just amazing
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  This broke on me pretty..., November 6, 2011
This broke on me pretty quick. The retractable tip is why I bought it. The metal clip on the side catches a plastic piece in the inner workings of the pencil. Lifting the clip retracts the tip. That plastic catch chipped, so the damn thing won't stay opened(I tape it down to keep it opened now). hy you would have everything sturdy metal exept the most important part of the pencil is beyond me. I went in wanting to love this thing, but in all honesty....the center of gravity kind of sucks on this....weight is off or something. It's also fussy when feeding .5 blueline lead...something I use extensively in my reproduction art. I've bought a lot of drafting pencils/mechanical pencils....I've found that price really doesn't make a difference, the cheap light plastic ones work great...the more metal the more they seem to mess up. Don't spend over 6 dollars on a pencil (theres a blue pentel .5 with a purple grip and blue cap over the of my favs.)
  My favorite pencil. The..., November 20, 2010
My favorite pencil. The grip is metal with rubber dots. You unscrew the tip and twist the grip to denote which lead type is in your pencil. Includes labels from 2b to 2h. This pencil is just so beautiful and feels great to hold. I've never had any kind of jam and the lead never breaks compared to normal pencils. For just taking notes for long periods of time, I would suggest the kurutoga since this pencil is heavy and has rough grip.
  For the negative comments..., November 5, 2010
For the negative comments out there forget about them. This pencil is a beauty. It carries a nice weight and the retractable feature is great so you wont break or bend the tip. I have dropped this pencil while the tip was out and it still did not break. I am an architecture major so when I buy something Im looking to buy great quality. And Pentel did a great job with this one. Whoever is complaining about the plastic tube inside the pencil is an idiot. Don't take out the internals and play with them or things like that will happen, there is no need for it. Buy this pencil, you will not regret it.
  The pencil broke in half..., September 19, 2010
By fad...
The pencil broke in half , although it have a rigid body the inside is plastic that doesn't last long.
  Finally a winner! I've..., September 18, 2010
Finally a winner! I've tried the staetler silver series and and Ohto here, as well as the 500 graphgear series. I prefer a heavier pencil (obviously) and am pleased with the balance. I use drafting pencils to make complicated diagrams with tiny notations. With this pencil I have control, with the grip and the weight it doesn't slip and I can focus on the notation without squeezing the life out of the pencil.

Being retractable is great -- I'm tired of stabbing myself when reaching in my schoolbag and find pencils unexpectedly upside-down. One caveat: with my tiny notations I often need the eraser and leave the caps off. But, if you use the clip to retract the pencil, the eraser will shoot out the end. :-)
  I resisted these pencils..., September 1, 2010
I resisted these pencils for a long time because I had thought I had already found THE pencils for me. Oh foolish mortal....

They are hefty but not so much as to tired out my hand. The grip is perfect for my sweaty paws - it never slips! I never liked the squishy or rubbery grips even though I grip my writing utensils as if I am crushing their heads. The long tip is so much nicer for drawing and sketching - it gives me the distance I need (I like to hold my fingers far from the tip). I am surprised by how little the clip gets in my way. I love that the tip is retractable. I carry these with me everywhere, they take up so much less room than my other pencils, and I never have to worry about pencil marks in my bag or the leads breaking off.

These are very sturdy and well made and work smoothly. They have survived my purse and me so I know they will last!

I had really thought I would hate these but I have to say they are my go to pencils now. I have fallen entirely in love with them.
  This is an OK pencil,..., July 19, 2010
This is an OK pencil, but mostly for people who are used to simple (regular store) pencils and for them this may seem like a mother of all pencils. But, for me the only positive thing about it is that it is retractable. I have hundreds of pencils from all over the world (not to brag) and this is my opinion when comparing them to many of those.

Here's the negatives:
Too heavy (feels like 40 gm)
Too long
Grip is non-fuctional as it is too wide and slippery
Grip is of metal which is not comfortable if using for more than 30min
Pencil is too wide
Tip is too long (4mm) and these days long tips are rarely needed

Can accept a lot of graphite sticks

From personal experience the most comfortable pencils are hexagonal shape such as swiss Caran D'ache 0.7 mm 844 version pencil. The black color has matte finish (other colors are not matte) and I can use it for days without becoming slippery or tiring for my fingers (cane be found at pencitydotcom). Another comfortable and looky looky cheap pencil is from Parker called Jotter 0.5mm. Can be found at amazon, many stores, ipensdotcom etc). That pencil is incredible. Both of these pencils are nonretractable but have very short tip of about 2mm and I find that I really do not need them to be with such short tips.

Unfortunately the mother of all mechanical pencils, the Pilot H1005 has been discontinued and if I had power I would loby Pilot to bring that baby back, but hhheh dreams...
  Before ordering this..., June 8, 2010
By aribus
Before ordering this pencil I was worried about the complaints I read: wobbly tip, unbalanced, unwieldy dimensions. I have since put those worries to rest. This is an impressive pencil. The clip alone means that I have it on me most of the time, which is when I need it the most. The tip is not wobbly at all, the balance is fine as is it's length. Though my preferred pencil is a Rotring 600, this Pentel has been seeing the most use lately. If I had to give it a grade, it would be an A.
  I agree with another..., May 26, 2010
By ada...
I agree with another reviewer, the balance of this pencil is horrible and the grip sucks. The only thing I liked was the retractable sleeve and the clip.

Can anyone tell me what the point of putting an eraser on a drafting pencil is?
If you are drafting, the small useless eraser is just that.
  It is a very well made..., January 18, 2010
By antjaf
It is a very well made pencil with a lot of features. Afonso
  I dislike this pencil...., December 26, 2009
By mar...
I dislike this pencil. Perhaps it is a matter of taste, but it felt like writing with a board. It is really long. For some reason I didn't realize that. Also, when the sleeve is extended and the led is out, it rattles because of the mechanism. That combined with the weird balance of it being too long made for a genuinely unpleasant writing experience for me.

It is solid and the grip is interesting, but personally, I did not enjoy it at all.
  Built like a tank. Great..., June 18, 2009
Built like a tank. Great for school, I Take mine w/ me wherever I go. Great weight and great grip.
  I have had a 0.5 GraphGear..., November 24, 2008
I have had a 0.5 GraphGear 1000 for over 2 years now, and have bought 3 more up till this day. I gave 2 of the 4 away to my friends, and they love it! Absolutely the best pencil in my collection. I recommend the Pentel Ain Lead in 4B, the soft lead complements the extending tip on this pencil! The soft lead tends to break more easily inside the feeding chamber if the pencil is dropped from a long distance (4 feet), causing occasional jams. Even dissasembling this pencil is very easy. Now that I am in a new school, people are amazed with the pencil's amazing high tech looks, the rubber accents, and the retractable tip. The metal casing is extremely durable, and I have taken mine camping, in the car, in different countries while traveling, and almost anywhere I go. I have dropped mine several times, and there are minimal scratches. The minute my first pencil breaks (which it won't for a while), I'm going to grab another. Thanks JetPens!
  I fell in love with this..., October 23, 2008
By ekove
I fell in love with this pencil right away. Great balance, elegant design and a very comfortable grip combining the advantages of both rubber and metal. I carry this pencil with my sketchbook everywhere and the retractable tip means no stabbing myself. This is definitely my favorite mechanical pencil (and I have a LOT). I'm convinced that pentel makes the best mechanical pencils and the best lead too. I only wish it was a little cheaper so I can have one for H and one for 2B leads. Still very worth the price.
  I've had this pencil..., March 2, 2008
By Siress
I've had this pencil for 6 months and still love it! The retractable tip, document clip, metal grip, and low center of gravity have made this pencil the envy of my co-workers; half of which have purchased one after using mine! I wish I had picked up the .3mm version, though.
  I received this pencil..., January 16, 2008
I received this pencil just recently, it is a great pencil for school work, i can see this pencil in the future get damaged because of how the tip goes back into the pencil, with a lot of force and a plastic barrel on the inside.
  the graphgear is a really..., June 29, 2007
the graphgear is a really good pencil. i think it will be the pencil i will use most of next year in high school. i have no complaints about this pencil. top of the line!!!
  Everything is good except..., January 15, 2007
Everything is good except the awkward heaviness and hard metal grip.
  I got this with a Ohto..., May 26, 2006
I got this with a Ohto Super ProMecha. While they don't compare in adjustability, this Graphgear is a sweet little pencil. I like the retracting of the guide pipe on this particular one.

This will probably be the one I end up using at work.

Overall, a nice piece.
  I really recommand this..., April 5, 2006
I really recommand this pencil. This is so smoothe and easy to write.
I love this one!! and really fast shipping
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  A very good pencil to..., April 27, 2012
By Jes...
A very good pencil to write with. Lighter than expected though.
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  This pencil is great..., November 10, 2011
By aca...
This pencil is great!