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  It's not a bad pencil...., December 9, 2010
By kis...
It's not a bad pencil. Not good either. Here's what I think:

- Has retractable tip
- Lead hardness and thickness indicator
- Good design

- Grip is slippery ( If you want to take a test using that pencil- DON'T risk your life- it will fall off your hands like soap). Grip literally SUCKS compared to Staetdler 925 25 05 silver series, Papermate pro touch II or Alvin Draftmatic.

- Eraser is horrible. Erases badly ones it gets dirty, it just spreads black lead all over the paper, making it dirtier.

- Pencil is balanced like wooden, i.e. center of mass is in the middle of the pencil. Personally i don't like it, because when you try to write/graph something with it, you can feel that pencil becomes heavy after like a minute.
- Too expensive for such an average pencil. Platinum Pro Use is much better than this pentel graphgear, yet it's half the price ($7.50).

Overall, I'm dissapointed with this pencil, but it's good when you keep it just for the sake of collection of mechanical pencils.
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  This is the best pencil..., June 7, 2006
By alex5k
This is the best pencil I ever had had until my bratty lil niece threw it and broke the tip... I admit I almost had to kill her but i figured she could just pay me back so I am going to reorder :(