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I purchased the Graphgear...
March 24, 2013
Verified Purchase
I purchased the Graphgear 500 to replace my previous daily use pencil, the Pentel P205, and because it had a knurled grip. After trying most of the 0.5mm drafting pencils that Jetpens has to offer, this pencil is my favorite.

-Eraser cap stays in place
-Clip is removable (I do not like clips on my drafting pencils, as when I turn them they dig into my skin)
-Solid "click" sound
-Plastic body is strong enough to not bend under writing (in fact, this pencil and the more expensive Pentel Graphlet shar everything except the grips)
-The grip is the a comfortable knurling (the closest I have found to the Rotring 600's knurling)
-View of the lead is absolutely superb, yet the tip is still strong
-The balance is towards the tip, making it easier to guide the pencil as apposed to forcing it
-Very durable all around
-It's appealing to look at, and people notice the syringe-like look as an example of quality and precision

-Not pocket safe (I make a little cap out of heat-shrink tubing to protect the tip and my pockets)
-Slightly awkward at first due to the difference in size of the grip to the shaft
-Sometimes the end cap/lead sleeve will annoyingly rattle, but it more often does not

I do recommend this pencil, for the price you get a knurled grip, very solid mechanism, perfect weight balance, and a very durable pencil.
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I like this drafting...
March 1, 2013
I like this drafting pencil enough that if I blindly grab it out of my stash of drafting pencils, I wont drop it and pick up another. I would have given it more stars, but theres a few things that I would like to see on it to get 5 stars.

Length - This is a goo length, I havent noticed that it was too long or short, so length is fine.
Weight - It's on the lighter side, but weight really isnt an issue with me in any drafting pencils.
Construction - The grip part is metal, knurled nicely, no issue gripping it while writing (for classes or work). The body is plastic, but its strong enough. I wouldnt use it as a prybar, not really sure how many really snap their pencils on a regular basis, if they do, might need to carry their writing instruments elsewhere. Though one bad thing about the body, but I'll post that in the con part.
Clip - Clip is pretty much standard, it'll hold, but if you bend it, you pretty much lost the ability of using it without really knowing how to bend the clip back to the curvature that it needs to be to be functional (if you do, not end of world, just now it wont have a clip).
Cap - On mine, its a tight fit. Again, I dont take it off and on a lot during my use, I really only take the cap off to fill it up or if I have to erase several mm of pencil markings. I use a different eraser for erasing.
Lettering - The lettering on the body is holding up, I havent had it for years, only about 6mo and so far its holding up.
Pipe length - depending on how you hold your pencils, it can either be a little on the long side or not a problem. The pipe length really isnt the issue, as most drafting pencils have this pipe length, but how the whole tip is with the pipe length. For me, its fine.

Body - Not that its plastic, but that where it screws into the metal grip will unscrew at times. It'll only unscrew a little before I notice it, but it happens enough to make me want to put some blue lock on it. I havent had to take apart a drafting pencil in about 15yrs, so wouldnt think it'd be bad to put some kind of mechanic screw lock on it.
Lead Indicator - none, thats the problem.

Overall, its a decent pencil, I have the 0.3mm & 0.5mm and like them both. Will be completing the set here shortly.
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The drafting pencil's...
December 15, 2011
The drafting pencil's biggest upside is definitely how durable and virtually unbreakable it is. I have a tendency to kind of...beat up my pencil cases throughout the year because I bring it with me everywhere. It gets scribbled on, dropped, lost several times, and the reoccurring event of exploding pens. =_= (It always happens and I don't know why)

My other mechanical pencils, erasers, etc break into several pieces or gets so contaminated with lead I can not use it anymore. BUT this pencil NEVER EVER breaks or even dents. I was amazed by the pencil! :O

BUUUUUT there is a big disadvantage too. Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't get used to holding it. Mainly because the grip is slippery and strange to the fingers.
I think it's hilarious that any erasable writing utensil always gets an eraser unfit for how much the person will use it. The eraser is suuuuper tiny! Seriously, not even a centimeter. It goes away quick. Sure you can get refills but every week?

Overall, GREAT durability but kinda awkward to hold~
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Its a good pencil with...
February 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
Its a good pencil with a great grip worth the price. You can change the lead mode too. But you cant unscrew the tip. It a has great eraser. Great for pen spinning.The grip is fantastic very good for writing. Highly recommend. Great for drafting and drawing. If you draw you should get a 0.3 one.
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My engineer husband loves...
June 8, 2016
Verified Purchase
My engineer husband loves these.
Excellent price on a...
May 9, 2016
Verified Purchase
Excellent price on a very good drafting style pencil. One of the best values out there. Go ahead and spend days on Amazon digging. Add up what your time is worth! You will be back here instead of continuing to play the Amazon shipping, price and "month long slow boat from the far east" game. I've found that to be true time and time again!
Nice balanced weight....
November 23, 2015
Verified Purchase
Nice balanced weight. Feels good in hand. Happy with the quality.
I really wanted to love...
November 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
I really wanted to love this pencil. It works okay, and looks very professional. However, there is one flaw. Because more weight is centered around the tip, I found that writing is actually harder, rather than easier that which the internet persuaded me. The weight about the tip fights with your fingers when you lift the pencil off the paper, in turn giving you weak control over the pencil, and also promoting a sort of 'lazy' manner of writing. However, I can imagine the forward weighting is decent for drawing where one doesn't lift the pencil as rigorously compared to writing. In addition, the eraser is extremely tiny (I bet you knew that already) and the metal grip is often unwelcoming. The rough texture of the grip also doesn't feel satisfying in my hands especially over prolonged sessions, and the grip is unusually often cold to the touch. Because I wasn't satisfied with graphgear 500, I am still on the hunt for a decent but affordable pencil. (hopefully the pentel pg5 is better)
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Lovely Pencil!...
July 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
Lovely Pencil!
I was looking for a drafting...
April 8, 2015
Verified Purchase
I was looking for a drafting pencil to replace a couple that have been lost and wanted to get an inexpensive one to use and have a metal grip, which I prefer over rubber ones. This one feels real good with a slight bottom weight and nice grip. Really can't beat it for the price.
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