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I like these leads, but...
July 8, 2013
Verified Purchase
I like these leads, but I think they're better suited for artistic work than what I'm doing at work. When I bought the black Kuru Toga, I wanted to try a variety, so here are my conclusions for use in writing numbers on spreadsheets at work:

B: Nice dark lines, but a bit on the bold side; the Kuru Toga engine seems a bit too slow to keep up with the wear so the lines look as if they could have been drawn with my old .5mm Papermate.

HB: Still nice and dark but finer. The engine still seems a bit slow to keep up with wear but it's not as pronounced as with the B leads. I suspect this is because I'm writing numbers and not the shorter strokes of Kanji. The spreadsheet is easily readable and copyable, and I can do things like write two lines of printing in the space normally occupied by one. (Whether the home office can read it without a magnifying glass is debatable. Heh heh.)

H: Lines are a little faint but readable and I have to boost the darkness on the copier at work for the reports I do, otherwise it comes out too light to read. The lines themselves are razor-sharp and seem to be in the sweet spot of the Kuru Toga's engine when writing numbers.
Perhaps fragile compared...
April 29, 2011
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Perhaps fragile compared to the best leads (maybe Stein?), but when compared to no-name lead, this 0.3 is stronger than other 0.5.
Good lead, but very fragile!...
May 25, 2009
Good lead, but very fragile! :]
good if your on a budget,...
March 21, 2009
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good if your on a budget, or if you have a really nice .3 pencil to put this in, otherwise in an average .3 mechanical pencil, its breaks pretty easily. pay the extra $1.50 for nicer stuff if you have a heavy hand when you write.
I recently bought this...
March 11, 2009
Verified Purchase
I recently bought this lead. It write in very thin lines. Basicley the pencil version of the hi-tec-C. Great quality led, the lines are also a very nice shade.
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