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It doesn't erase! =( My...
April 21, 2009
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It doesn't erase! =(
My first colored lead was the uniball set for 3.75 (the multicolored one) and that was really nice and it erased well, so I thought, why not get some more colored lead?

However, buying this one was a mistake, since it doesn't erase well. =(

Buy the uniball if you want to be able to erase your writing.
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I came to conclusion...
March 9, 2010
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I came to conclusion that these color refill sticks along with the red ones are the best there is (apparently Staedtler and Faber Castell 0.5 mm blue leads are the best but I cannot find where to buy) when it comes to color pencil refills. They break less easily as compared to color sticks from Uni and Pilot Eno (lets not forget these are not graphites so offcourse they will break easier than graphite sticks) but, MOST importantly the color from these sticks does not disappear overtime as it does with Pilot eno color sticks. This maybe of importance to artists as you may not see your color lines in a few weeks or months (I cannot see preliminary drawing lines I did few weeks ago with color Pilot eno light blue sticks but i see no changes in color strength with these blue or red pentel pencill refills). Offcourse this may be not important to some, depending on your needs.
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My main complaint is...
February 3, 2010
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My main complaint is that this lead doesn't erase very well. The Uni-ball and Pilot colored leads erase much better.
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This lead is a little...
June 1, 2008
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This lead is a little light when you write and if you write with a lot of pressure, it breaks easily, but it's still good for notes.
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