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  Wonderful lead. Provides..., November 13, 2011
By eri...
Wonderful lead. Provides an ideal darkness without exerting extra pressure while writing, can write lightly when needed, and it simply does not break. I've dropped my pencil a number of times with the lead out, and have not had it break once.

Erases smoothly with a decent eraser. The eraser tip on my Uni Kuru Toga is admittedly a piece of junk, but using the great Mitsubishi e-Knock eraser solves that. This lead partnered with these two utensils makes a winning pair.

Finally, works perfectly well with Scantron. You can leave the #2 lead at home if you want!
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  the ain lead is ok but..., August 9, 2011
the ain lead is ok but i like the uni ball low wear nano dia lead a whole lot better
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  This is, put simply,..., April 15, 2011
By jfm...
This is, put simply, great lead. I compared it to my previously-trusted Pentel lead, and while the difference isn't dramatic, it is noticeably harder to break. Very good overall.
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  Surprisingly strong!..., February 26, 2011
Surprisingly strong! I wish this (or an equivalent) was sold in the US. I don't have to make sure I'm writing with the bare minimum length of lead with this.
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  So much better than other..., December 27, 2010
By oli...
So much better than other leads. It is SOOOO hard to break, and I love that, because I press down firmly when I write. Totally recommend this.
  Very good lead. It creates..., May 25, 2014
By hea...
Very good lead. It creates a very nice, dark line when written with. Extremely strong; the only time it's broken was when I was writing something against a wall and my friend pushed my hand down while writing.

I think the container is a bit over-engineered though. Takes time for the lead to actually come out.
  Dark lines, smooth and..., April 28, 2013
By roqz
Dark lines, smooth and soft on the paper, resistant to breakage. The case has a small plastic bit protruding on a side that might break easily, this bit is necessary because of the interesting and convoluted mechanism used for opening the case, but a bit overkill.
  Its a good lead if your..., April 15, 2013
Its a good lead if your into writing a lot of stuff. This lead doesn't run out as well as other lead, so you can write longer in one click of your lead pencil:)
  Excellent lead. I love..., September 25, 2010
Excellent lead. I love using this, and I don't use any other. After using Ain, those other ones just seem so bad to me.
  Nice, solid construction..., May 4, 2009
By gryph
Nice, solid construction and so hard to break I haven't managed it, and I tried.