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I didn't buy these from...
July 5, 2011
I didn't buy these from JetPens, but I've been using them for years. They really are great erasers... they're soft, don't smudge, and can lift even dark marks with minimal effort. It's pretty much everything the product description says they are, except for one little thing. Yes, they don't leave behind dust like fine particles, but they can leave behind those curly little rubbery bits that come off of a lot of erasers. I don't find those very bothersome, though. These erasers are wonderfully effective; Other than click erasers for smaller areas, I don't use any other kind.
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These are my favorite...
November 13, 2012
These are my favorite erasers! I have been using the same one -I repeat- The Same One, for two years. It hasn't gotten hard, and in fact, is the softest eraser I have ever used. It is not one of those hard erasers that cannot wipe marks well and runs out quickly.

Runs out slowly
Erases very well

Only con is that your friends might steal it from you!
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one of my FAVORITE erasers!...
January 10, 2016
one of my FAVORITE erasers! When I was little (like still in elementary schools), I am a "eraser killer". I usually cannot finish a whole eraser before I lost it or cut them into small pieces or throw them away. I got this one from my grandfather, which he kept it from years and years back when he was still doing graphing designs for some factories... (he had kept that one for at least 5 years, for he retired before I went to kindergarten). It is perfect and erase well. Recommended for students!
It's a good eraser for...
December 11, 2015
It's a good eraser for general use. i bought this from a store in town because it was cheap and theres 3 ereasers. I found it useful at school when i need to erase words and stuff but not as useful for drawing. when it came to erasing slight mistakes in drawings i saw it kind of smudged when i tried to erase little things. also its SOFT like soft soft which is cool but the lead would stick to the eraser when i erase and add to the smudging of my drawings. so not good for artists but overall a good eraser.
these earasers sre amazing!!!...
October 10, 2014
these earasers sre amazing!!! i borrowed this from a friend and i was amazing!!!
good eraser lasts for...
February 17, 2013
good eraser lasts for a long time. However yes it does leave quite a bit of rubber flakes when erasing stuff. Everyone of the erasers I used in this 3 pack eventually started tearing in the middle. Maybe i press to hard, or maybe the eraser is just to big, but after a while i would end up having to rip it in half and then id have 2 pieces of eraser. so im gonna try to switch to a smaller eraser and see how that goes.
The first time i tried...
November 10, 2012
Verified Purchase
The first time i tried this out I was in love with it because how smoothed it erased even on some cheap paper. It has been my most favorite eraser to use when both drawing and writing so I would recommend this to anyone who is searching for block erasers.
Has quite a bit of eraser...
August 20, 2012
Has quite a bit of eraser "dust" compared to let's say, a Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser. I've been using the Staedtler for years but figured I'd try these out. The softer polymer definitely erases easier with less resistance. Compared to Staedtler, ehh... i'd buy these instead. it's not as rough on the paper and doesn't wear away too fast either.

definitely worth the price
I've used these erasers...
May 16, 2012
I've used these erasers for years. They don't smudge, they don't make dust, and they leave only clean paper behind. One eraser will last you years. I'd recommend these for anyone, especially students.
This is a great deal!!!...
September 30, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a great deal!!! i really love the amazing erasing power!
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