Pentel Hi-Polymer Pencil Lead - 1.3 mm - B

Pentel Hi-Polymer Pencil Lead - 1.3 mm - B

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This is a case of four 1.3 mm B leads. The soft thick lead is useful for filling in sheets that are read by optical character recognition (OCR) such as "scantrons" or "bubble sheets." It is also ideal for drawing and writing notes.

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This lead is pretty good....
June 6, 2014
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This lead is pretty good. There are better 1.3mm leads (*cough* Campus 1.3mm 2B *cough*) But this one does work. I like the 1.3 mm size for woodworking as it leave a nice cut line but never needs sharpening. Softer leads work for my heavy hand and really are better for working on rougher surfaces (yes they wear quicker, but have less of a chance of breakage). There are only 4 leads per tube (as opposed to Campus' 16) so make sure you note that when figuring out cost/lead.
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