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This pen dries in fast,...
December 24, 2013
This pen dries in fast, even though it's a ballpoint pen. The white ink acts like glue and ball gets stuck to the pen when you don't use it for a while. Then you can't get it going again, no matter what you try.
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it writes smoothly, but...
December 2, 2009
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it writes smoothly, but leaves these kind of blobs as it writes. the ink doesn't dry very fast. i don't know if it's supposed to be that way though. i do like writing with it though. the blobs add this kind of personal touch.
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The opacity is wonderful...
July 26, 2016
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The opacity is wonderful truly what I was looking for
ITS MILKY!!!!!!!!!!!...
January 7, 2016
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ITS MILKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing pen, always!...
March 10, 2015
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Amazing pen, always! I wish they made them in small sizes.
Great writing tool!...
December 5, 2014
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Great writing tool!
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