Pentel Mark Sheet Set for OCR - 1.3 mm Mechanical Pencil + Eraser + Lead

Pentel Mark Sheet Set for OCR - 1.3 mm Mechanical Pencil + Eraser + Lead

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This set is designed for use when filling in forms that are read by optical character recognition (OCR), such as "scantrons" or "bubble sheets." The mechanical pencil contains smooth, break-resistant 1.3 mm HB lead, ideal for quickly filling in bubbles. For those who do not have to fill out forms, this soft thick lead is also wonderful for sketching and drawing. The textured rubber grip is easy to hold and helps prevent your hand from tiring easily. There is also a capped eraser. The pencil is eco-friendly—the eraser is refillable and the body is made of recycled plastic.

The set comes in a clear plastic pouch and includes one pencil containing two 1.3 mm HB leads, one case of four 1.3 mm HB leads, and one plastic eraser.

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A great idea but....What...
May 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
A great idea but....What a great idea from Pentel. I love larger dia. pencils (0.9mm is my goto size). I don't have to take buble tests anymore (at almost 50 I should hope not!) but I do have a very heavy hand (I can use 3 to 4 0.5mm leads a day due to breakage!) so a thicker dia. lead really appeals to me. In that aspect this pencil is a winner. Grip wise it is suprisingly comfortable. No it's not a Graphgear 1000, but it is far better than say a P20x. So what we have is a nice metal sleeve, metal tipped pencil with a decent grip, good advance and an emergency eraser. Whats not to love? THe mechanics!!! Come on Pentel- seriously a plastic clutch mechanism?? Not even a 3 jaw clutch, but a dreaded 2 jaw. Wow was I bummed about that. Time will tell how this holds up (I will probably take this out to the woodshop to give it a fair shake down). The included leads are top quality Pentel as is the Mark Sheet eraser. Matter of fact the eraser is great. Works as well as my Pentel click erase. The set comes in a nice plastic zipper close bag (mine seems tacky or slightly sticky on the outside) with wonderful Japanese writing all over it! What a beautiful language! All in all I like what is here- just not thrilled with the cheapened mechanics Pentel stuffed inside this.
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Love having another 1.3...
September 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love having another 1.3 mm option. Good pencil all around.
I used to use a 0.7mm...
July 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
I used to use a 0.7mm pencil as my everyday pencil. I changed to this and haven't looked back. Much better on all types of paper - no worries for ripping, and it shades and edges nicely.
GP Raines
I really enjoy this pencil....
May 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
I really enjoy this pencil. The description is accurate. I find that the eraser on the pencil works a bit better than the block eraser, and I'm not sure why you'd need a block-style unless you were erasing your entire test. Then again, the eraser on the pencil is small and would have been better as a twist-up. I think that this pencil could be improved.

+ Smooth, strong lead
+ Quickly fills small areas (bubbles)
+ Smooth lines for drawing
+ Good grip
+ Decent eraser (both on the pencil and block-style)
+ Convenient clear pouch (to bring in to the test without suspicion)

- A lead pointer would be nice, for drawing (though this pencil isn't designed for that)
- Grip is a little oddly-shaped
- Pencil seems a little low-quality, but not less than your standard mechanical pencil
- A twist-up eraser would be nice

I will continue to use this pencil and would probably purchase another one if something happened to this one. It needs improvement, but is still nice for its purpose.