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The Orenz mechanical pencil features 0.2 mm lead for amazingly thin, clean lines. It's great for writing notes, math problems, graphs, and more!

Despite being so fine, the lead doesn't break as you write, due to the innovative Orenz mechanism. The guide pipe protects the entire length of the lead, and you write without extending the lead out of the guide pipe, which glides right along the surface of the paper. Since it has rounded edges, the guide pipe doesn't catch on the paper or scratch it. As you write, the guide pipe gets shorter. When you need more lead, just click the top button as you would with any other mechanical pencil. The guide pipe will extend again, along with the lead inside.

Because there's no lead breakage, your papers remain clean without smudges from broken lead dust. You can also retract the guide pipe so it doesn't poke you or your belongings when you've stowed the pencil away.

0.2 mm HB lead is included and you can find more 0.2 mm lead here.

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Grabbed one off the shelf...
February 11, 2016
Grabbed one off the shelf upon seeing the 0.2mm size and was not disappointed. It's like writing on the finer edge of a 0.3mm mechanical pencil 90% of the time, and the lead sleeve really works to protect the lead.

With that said, the lead size gives it quite a bit of problems (I use 2B leads often so that may be the reason this happens). The lead sleeve only protects the pencil lead when one writes with the pencil angled diagonally on the paper. Writing with the pencil perpendicular to the paper will not protect the lead, and if one writes with a bit more considerable force than most on paper, the lead easily "shatters"/breaks. This causes the lead inside the pencil to break too and you will have a lead jam in the pencil. Good thing is this situation is already predicted(?) and you have a thin piece of metal stuck on the eraser to clear the lead jam if it happens. Also, please do not drop this pencil. 0.2 mm is a very thin size for a lead and dropping the pencil will cause the lead to break a bit and in some cases, cause lead jams too. I currently own the 0.2 and 0.3 mm version of this pencil and this only happens on the 0.2 mm mechanical pencil.

I would give 5 stars for the pencil but the lead size holds the pencil back a bit from being the perfect pencil unless you handle it with a little more care than most.
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This lead size is awesome!...
January 14, 2016
Verified Purchase
This lead size is awesome! It's as if you're writing with a freshly sharpened pencil- ALL OF THE TIME. Some tips: Follow the directions. Keep in mind that HB lead is sometimes difficult to read in this size, so definitely opt for B lead refills, since you know you aren't going to fill out scantrons with this thing. Also, if slippery grips are your pet peeve, check out the rubber grip model here (I'm pretty sure JetPens has it), and that should solve your problems.
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December 1, 2014
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I like this pencil a...
September 21, 2014
Verified Purchase
I like this pencil a lot. I can sense a bit of feedback from the supporting metal pipe if I hold the pencil very low, close to the paper. But when writing in a regular manner, I feel just the smooth glide of the lead. The line is crisp, clear, and smear-resistant. I used it on both smooth bond paper and drawing paper with more tooth, and had no trouble with the fine point getting stuck on paper fibers. I also like that when you're done writing, you can withdraw the pipe fully into the body, to protect against damage in pockets and purses.

It's a good buy (especially if the Uni Kiru-Toga pencils never seem to work for you!)
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I got this teeny tiny...
July 7, 2016
Verified Purchase
I got this teeny tiny pencil after seeing another artist recommend it, and I'm so glad I did. The ultra-fine lead is perfect for creating all those minuscule details and getting very crisp lines. You do have to be careful not to extend the lead more than one click past the tip, but that just comes with the territory for something so small.