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May 5, 2010
If you want something...
If you want something for calligraphy this is the pen you should get.

This is most likely the best pocket sized brush pen on the the market. Great brush tip, sturdy construction and refillable huge cartridges.

This is part of where I knocked off one star, you have to use cartridges, their is no converter to allow you to use other inks. This is mostly a environmental concern because the Pentel ink cartridge is huge, it is about 80% the length of the barrel.

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July 14, 2014
This is one of the most...
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This is one of the most wonderful (and waterproof!) brush pens I have come across.

The ink comes out sleek and precise, and beautifully black. You can both draw the finest of lines as well as nice, medium~thick ones. I would say this one works a little better for kanji than for western writing, at least when writing cursive, it can be a little tricky to write accurately. The colour is very rich and thorough, but probably works best on smooth paper. When writing on thick, rough paper (say, for water colour works), the ink will be sucked up a little bit around the edges, so it won't be as crisp anymore.

I also use the Pentel Standard Brush Pen (tsumi tip: Both are very similar, but here's for some minor differences: The Standard seems a tiny bit blacker. When writing calligraphy, the font gets a little wilder feeling to it, and it can also give you the effect of a drying brush (small white spots) around the edges of your writing, something the Pocket Brush rarely does.

However, and this might be important to some of you: I found the Pocket Brush Pen to be ABSOLUTELY waterproof, while the Standard Brush Pen smudged even after minutes of having it let dry.

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July 2, 2014
The only thing keeping...
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The only thing keeping me from giving this pen a full five stars is the length of the bristles. They just make it a bit hard to control this pen's line sometimes. I'm used to a much shorter brush tip, I suppose. But the line widths range from super, super fine to extremely wide! The long, soft fibers are more suited to expressive strokes than controlled ones.

The ink is probably the most waterproof ink of the all the brush pens I've ever used. Once dry, it will. not. budge. So if you have a very practiced hand, you could use this pen to permanently ink over your sketches. Of course, you can always refill the cartridges with your own ink. I plan to use Noodler's Heart of Darkness when the cartridge this guy came with runs out.

Despite it being waterproof, you can get some interesting effects on paper that has been pre-wetted. The sketches I made came out rather ghostly, or haunting. It's pretty neat.

In all honesty, I prefer my Kuretake brush pens, but this one's really nice as well. The margin between them is very minimal.. I'm glad I went ahead and bought this one. :3 Though I'll more likely use it for calligraphy purposes than art purposes, as I was hoping to do originally.

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August 15, 2013
The tip is very very...
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The tip is very very soft. Very light pressure is all that is required. Good for Asian characters calligraphic drawing. As I don't do that I'm wondering why I got this. (:
It makes great palm fronds and leaves. Ink is very black and waterproof..which is far that I've only tested it on cheap sketching paper and very slight bleed which I expected. I'm pretty sure on bristol or watercolor paper it will bleed less if any.
Leaves a nice rough edge and long pointy line if used in the right manner.
Seemed a little pricey compared to pilot and other versions but I generally like Pentel stuff so I went for it and many strong reviews of this pen.
If Asian influenced calligraphic drawing is your thing I believe this is an excellent tool. May also be good for filling in wide patches of black in pen & ink. The black ink cartridges are really black..compared to dr ph martins matte black which is great.

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May 9, 2009
El Brush Pen este de...
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El Brush Pen este de Pentel es la caña, sinceramente.

No se parece en nada a cualquier otro "rotulador con punta de pincel" que hayas podido probar, como los Pitt Artist Pen de Faber-Castell, ya que verdaderamente tiene un pincel por punta. Esto permite trazos realmente finos, seguidos de otros muuuy gruesos, como gustes. Es cómodo y fácil de manejar, también.

La únicas pegas que le pondría son la intensidad del negro con que dibuja, que dista mucho de la fabulosa tinta china de Winsor & Newton (también son cosas diferentes), y la no resistencia al agua.

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February 28, 2009
The Pentel Pocket Brush...
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The Pentel Pocket Brush is just extraordinary.

The quality of the line that is attainable with this instrument is just amazing!

It's like an old friend--without the worries about knocking over a bottle of Higgin's India Ink.

You can work rapidly, without having to constantly dip into the bottle.

JetPens sent this out really quickly. Thanks for such a great product!

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February 7, 2008
After having owned the...
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After having owned the Sakura brush pen and Faber-Castell Pitt artist penn for several years, I can easily say that the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen is far superior to both. A felt tip brush pen just doesn't compare to the level of control and detail thats possible with this pen. This pen is flexible because actual bristles, unlike felt, can effortlessly vary from a literal hairline to the broadest stroke. Its in a league of its own really. The pitt pen is worthwhile, although less versatile. It is certainly an adequate trainer pen, if you need something to practice your technique. The sakura pen was somewhat crude in comparison to both. This pen, if it can be found, and if you can use it, is surely worth the price.

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December 29, 2014
Awesome Pen i use mine...
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Awesome Pen i use mine to fill in black spaces in my drawing however when i first got mines the lines seems to be broken like all the ink wasn't coming out. I think you might have to clean the tip but overall good pen

December 18, 2014
Absoultely awesome, 4...
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Absoultely awesome, 4 refills and counting.

December 16, 2014
Have used one of these...
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Have used one of these for the last 4 plus years. I love this thing.

If you've never used one, it may be a pain. You will need to learn a new way to hold it.

Grip it very low with thumb and index finger, and curl your middle finger under. Let the middle finger glide on the paper.

There's other minor adjustments to the above for when you want to flick rat tails and so on, but I think you have the idea.