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  my very first good quality..., October 27, 2009
my very first good quality brush pen.
it's smooth and the tip holds its shape.
can easily manipulate lines from super fine to thick.
easy replacement of ink.
  by far my favorite drawing..., August 11, 2009
by far my favorite drawing instrument, and one i've used almost daily for over five years. fantastic for extremely fine lines, beautiful thick lines, scratchy shading, and everything in-between. these aren't terribly easy to find.. i really hope jetpens gets them back in stock soon.
  El Brush Pen este de..., May 9, 2009
El Brush Pen este de Pentel es la caña, sinceramente.

No se parece en nada a cualquier otro "rotulador con punta de pincel" que hayas podido probar, como los Pitt Artist Pen de Faber-Castell, ya que verdaderamente tiene un pincel por punta. Esto permite trazos realmente finos, seguidos de otros muuuy gruesos, como gustes. Es cómodo y fácil de manejar, también.

La únicas pegas que le pondría son la intensidad del negro con que dibuja, que dista mucho de la fabulosa tinta china de Winsor & Newton (también son cosas diferentes), y la no resistencia al agua.
  The Pentel Pocket Brush..., February 28, 2009
The Pentel Pocket Brush is just extraordinary.

The quality of the line that is attainable with this instrument is just amazing!

It's like an old friend--without the worries about knocking over a bottle of Higgin's India Ink.

You can work rapidly, without having to constantly dip into the bottle.

JetPens sent this out really quickly. Thanks for such a great product!
  I decided to pick one..., January 24, 2009
I decided to pick one of these up, after trying the other Pentel brush pens. I really love it! The ink flows well, and you can easily get multiple line variations. It's also a very convenient and portable size. It's also great that the ink is waterproof.

I think like any of the nylon brush style pens, if you are not as experienced with painting or inking, it might take a bit to get accustomed to. You won't get the same type of control as with a felt based brush pen.

I think this is a great quality pen like the other Pentel brush pens so I would recommend it.
  I love this pen! It arrived..., December 12, 2008
I love this pen! It arrived less than a week after I ordered it (USA to Germany, 5 days) and I've already gotten a lot of use out of it. Much more flexible brush-tip than i'm used to, but easy to get accustomed to, and it seems to magically retain its sharp and very fine point. Good for thick opaque lines or hair-thin detail. Feels good in the hand too.
I'm marrying this pen.
  For a true pocket brush..., December 3, 2008
For a true pocket brush pen, seriously - this is a wonderful product. It not only comes with 2 cartridges (1 for use, 1 for refill), but the brush point is truly a brush point with synthetic bristles!

I would consider the point "fine", but depending on how heavy (or light) a hand you use when inking/drawing, the line quality varies a lot. The point stays sharp so all stroke starts are clean and pointed.

The ink is pigment-based and waterproof, but I find it a little lighter/thinner other ink pens.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this particular pen to someone just getting started with inks and brushes with hopes of drawing. To get the type of line you'd like would probably take a some practice and patience. For Japanese/Chinese calligraphy, this would be an excellent pen for penmanship practice as the point has a nice flexibility and drag when practicing loose-handed strokes.

As for water-proofing, this one holds up the best when dried and washed over with a wet brush. There is very little smearing, if any - and little deterioration of color.
  I have tried -- and fallen..., October 30, 2008
I have tried -- and fallen in love with -- many different brush pens, but I really could have stopped with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. The nice, lightweight plastic body is sturdy and well-balanced. The synthetic hair nib is longer and more flexible than non-Pentel brush nibs I have tried, which first meant less control but -- with practice -- means more range and variation. If you are not the collector that I am and you want only one drawing brush pen, then go with this one.
  The black Pentel Brush..., August 16, 2008
The black Pentel Brush Pen had been my favorite tool for brush sketching on the go until I found this item! Because it looks and feels just like any other pen, this pocket brush pen is perfect for keeping in bags, travel artist satchels, and even your pocket. Even though it has a smaller nylon bristle tip than it's bulkier big brother, this pen delivers everything the Pentel Brush Pen could do, and because the ink cartridge is located safely inside the barrel of the pen, there is no danger of accidentally squeezing and spilling ink. Definitely a good buy for a great price.
  After having owned the..., February 7, 2008
After having owned the Sakura brush pen and Faber-Castell Pitt artist penn for several years, I can easily say that the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen is far superior to both. A felt tip brush pen just doesn't compare to the level of control and detail thats possible with this pen. This pen is flexible because actual bristles, unlike felt, can effortlessly vary from a literal hairline to the broadest stroke. Its in a league of its own really. The pitt pen is worthwhile, although less versatile. It is certainly an adequate trainer pen, if you need something to practice your technique. The sakura pen was somewhat crude in comparison to both. This pen, if it can be found, and if you can use it, is surely worth the price.
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  it restored my manho..., March 24, 2010
it restored my manhood.
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  Please restock!..., August 7, 2008
Please restock!