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One of America's favorite ballpoint pens in fine point. Writes in black ink.

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This item: Pentel RSVP Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 mm Fine Point - Black Ink - $1.25
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Okay I am a bit biased...
October 12, 2009
Okay I am a bit biased because I simply adore this pen. I have about 48 of them wandering about in my house and I use them for everything. I am particularly attached to the fine points because I write small and these are great for that.

They seem very clunky but the thickness is a bonus if you use them for hours on end. The ink writes very smoothly and frankly these pens never dry out! I can't tell you which ones I have that I bought ten years ago or which ones I bought last month.

Even better they are refillable but it is so dang hard to get the refills which is really dumb because these are also incredibly durable pen bodies. The only thing that has problems is the end cap. If you post the cap of the pen too tightly it may break off the back end which has happened to me several times. This is a testament to the seal you get on the cap.

The rubber grip is just soft enough and grippy enough to be comfortable but it's not squishy. I find I am surprised with myself that I simply cannot write with the squishy ones - and I so want to! The long point on these give you great visibility and control and these actually make great sketch pens because of the control and the quality of the ink. I draw a lot with these pens - they shade really well which is hard with ball point pen inks.

And it's good for spinning once you mod it and it's really easy to mod! I filled mine with glitter...

As a writing instrument these are really a high quality disposable pen. They are fantastic for sketching and if you are a writer of tiny printing like me they are the BEST! Give them a try - you really won't be disappointed!
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i LOVE fine point pens,...
February 15, 2008
i LOVE fine point pens, and this pen is amazing. it's so smooth, and the long body makes it great for simple yet fun pen spinning. :]
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They sell theses at the...
January 28, 2012
They sell theses at the 99cent store.
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It's a pen... Bought...
September 10, 2016
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It's a pen...
Bought this pen in hopes of using it to sketch but it's too blotchy an smudgy. Not left hand friendly an not good on a paper harder then your standard paper. Gave it to my mother not even after a day of use.
This pen is my go-to...
April 13, 2016
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This pen is my go-to for simple note-taking and quick pen sketches. You can get very light or dark lines with it; and in my experience, the ink lasts a very long time.