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January 11, 2015
Have always liked this...
Verified Purchase
Have always liked this pen and now that I've found it in .05...even better. Smooth writing.

November 26, 2013
It is in fact a very...
Verified Purchase
It is in fact a very well designed pen, especially for a plastic one! Everything fits together very nicely and has no give or rattle in any place, even the cap pops in nice and snug.

But as previous reviewers have mentioned, for this blue version the ink is quite faint (I feel that it's not coming out thick enough, because if you scribble hard it's alright).

August 3, 2010
I agree with the previous...
I agree with the previous reviewer about the notion that the ink is too faint. I have a couple of these: One in stick form and another in retractable form, and they're both very faint. It's disappointing considering their black ink version seems to be much better.

November 27, 2007
I tried to love it, I...
I tried to love it, I honestly do. I love the barrel and the comfort of the pen itself. However the ink color is very mediocre. It's a very pale blue and I find myself pressing hard to try to make ink more visible even though it doesn't work. I got frustrated with the ink color, so I gave the pen away.

The black ink is nice though.