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February 2, 2010
-Comfortability-good. this pen is very comfortable to write with. rarely ever do i get cramps.
-Appearance- good. very cute pen! the color spices it up and makes this pen all the more fun!


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February 6, 2014
For some reason, the...
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For some reason, the Pentel RSVP Razzle Dazzle edition of the normal RSVP pens are so much nicer to write with, beyond the cool color of the pen body. The ink is richer and smoother than with the other RSVP pens. I'm so glad I found them again!!!

October 21, 2010
it says it has a "medium...
it says it has a "medium point", but it looks like a 1.3mm!!!! Ok... writes smooth, but i got really disapointed in this ugly plastic body pen!
It's not the quality of most of the items you get from JetPens!