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  Pretty good! The ink..., May 17, 2011
By efa...
Pretty good! The ink runs out a little too quickly though
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This is an excellent..., January 28, 2011
This is an excellent pen for home, school or work. Writes very smoothly, has a reasonable weight, and the grip area is smooth (no 'seams') Definitely my favourite multi-pen - I now own several!
  Two problems I have with..., November 5, 2013
By eff...
Two problems I have with this pen, although, keep in mind that I am a nurse and in a very fast-paced environment and I drop this poor pen at least once a day! 1) maybe dropping this pen has caused the barrel to split where it threads onto the grip, making it loose (it's fixable with some tape tho) 2) the ink does run out faster than other multipens I use. I do love the comfort and the flow of the ink, it's just not a very sturdy pen.
  Great grab-n-go pen if..., June 18, 2012
Great grab-n-go pen if you need multiple colors and you don't want to carry multiple pens. The ink goes on paper well, but it's not very bold. If you're going to write on something delicate, you may want to go with a different pen.
  Just purchased this pen..., August 4, 2010
By luv...
Just purchased this pen @ my local Staples and I love it. Plan to "stock pile" the refills
very soon your prices can't be beat and the shipping is superb !
  This pen is very comfortable..., February 24, 2009
This pen is very comfortable and smooth. Excellent, one of my favorites.
1 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  When I bought this multi..., October 14, 2011
By sla...
When I bought this multi pen I thought it was a multi pen WITH a mechanical writing feature. I am mad about this. I am returning this pen and hoping to get a refund.