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October 19, 2009
This pen is wonderful....
Verified Purchase
This pen is wonderful. I love the shape and color of it. I write with it for all of my notes in class. I'm sad to see the ink refills are out of stock because I will need some soon for this pen!
All of my friends find this pen to be very cool, especially the grip. The texture of gel inside of the grip is very interesting. I play with it all the time! I was worried at first this would cause it to wear down and lose it's shape, but it is still nice and squishy!

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July 10, 2013
I bought this pen to...
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I bought this pen to try out the grip. The grip is quite unique in that it feels like a sort of putty and will stay in the shape that you press it into. It is not super-soft like the alpha gel line, but instead offers a feeling of a personalized grip section (plus it's fun to fidget with and smoosh between your fingers.) The pen body is a bit too feather-light and front-heavy for my taste, but is still perfectly usable. The clip is a cheap plastic that could easily snap, but the clicker seems solid.

I really did not like the sub-par ballpoint cartridge that came with this pen - the ink is very light and drags a bit on the page. The line was no where near a 0.7 mm width, it's barely a 0.5 mm on the page, though I will give it points for not skipping.

The good news is that the Zebra Z-mulsion cartridges fit in this pen with a bit of modification! With some careful trimming and some tape to seal off the back of the cartridge, this pen suddenly becomes a comfy and smooth writer.

I would say skip this pen unless you're interested in trying the putty-like grip and just go straight to a higher quality ballpoint. I can't quite justify the price for this one.

July 16, 2010
A very nice pen it wrote...
Verified Purchase
A very nice pen it wrote the second it hit the paper and is very smooth. Does not skip, I have three of them and am very happy with each one.

July 7, 2010
Would like to update...
Verified Purchase
Would like to update my review and say I really like how dark black the ink color is. I used to love thick nibs but am very quickly becoming a big appreciator of thin, fine nibs. This pen writes smoothly and precisely.

March 9, 2010
A nice pen. The squish...
Verified Purchase
A nice pen. The squish is different than the gel pens. It has a total different feel, but it's interesting to play with it. It's almost like there are 2 layers that are against each other inside, and when you squish it it stays down for a moment, I can't really explain it. For "fun squish factor" alone this is quite satisfying, but for a more intense gel squish experience this isn't the pen to choose, get the Alpha Gels. The ink is nice and smooth and I love the orange & white "creamsicle" color scheme!