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Ahhh, what can I say,...
March 1, 2013
Ahhh, what can I say, I've used this pencil since I was in 4th grade. By far the pencil I've used the most, even made a BB shooter out of one of these (in grade school at that). So heres my review.

Length - Decent, not real long, not real short, it works.
Pipe Length - About standard, not enough to make a difference on how I hold it for writing.
Tip - Works well enough, no gripes.
Grip - Has one.
Body - More of a solid piece, dont really have to worry about it unscrewing at the tip, works well.
Clip - Standard, works well enough.
Cap - One mine, they've never slipped off, so thats a HUGE plus in my book.
Eraser - Has one, but I really dont use it. Some have the needle for clearing, never needed it personally.
Finish - Kinda shiny, doesnt show scratches really, the shiny metal makes it more appealing to the eye. The different body colors makes it easy to see what lead size the pencil is.
Weight - On the lighter side, not a problem in my book, weight isnt really ever an issue with me in pencils.
Lettering - Pretty decent, they placed it a good spot where it really wont get rubbed off from using it consonantly.

Tip - Has unscrewed before while writing, nothing major, and again, this is the pencil I've used the most in my writing.
Lead Indicator - Doesnt have one, I just write whatever lead softness I'm using and tape it on the body below the cap.
Grip - Biggest problem, not that its a huge problem, but it tends to get slippery when writing for hours. Wish the grip groves were more pronounced.

I love this pencil, I've gotten more used to other drafting pencils with better grips and other features, but I wouldnt feel right not having one of these. For the price, definitely worth having.
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My favorite pencil ever....
May 26, 2012
My favorite pencil ever. I've used (as I like pencils) probably most mechanical (and wooden) pencils available mostly from Germany and Japan, two countries that produce quality products, costing from few dollars to over $50 each but, I always come back to this classic pencil.

It just becomes part of my hand with its lightness and shape, I can use it all day while most other pencils I either get uncomfortable or bored after some time.

I mostly use 0.3mm and 0.7mm so I can have two different thickness in lines (0.5 and 0.7 is too close for me) but 0.5 and 0.9mm can be used for this purpose too. 0.3mm pencil (brown barrel) is currently not distributed by Pentel USA but is by web shops, especially if you order from Europe or Asia. eg, pixiemall (Korea) or stationeryart from Hong Kong and many Japanese sites. 0.3 (p203) is probably the best 0.3mm pencil ever made. I'm surprised JetPens does not carry it yet.
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This is an amazing pencil...
April 30, 2012
This is an amazing pencil for everyday use. It has great quality and it feel really sturdy. It has an average drafting eraser , so I recommend buying the Boxy eraser.
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The workhorse. Tried...
April 28, 2015
The workhorse. Tried and true. No frills, no fuss. The thing just works.

I have one of every size, and two colored 0.5mm for holding colored lead.
Using different size leads in a drawing/diagram will take your work to the next level, and will impress your superiors, colleagues, or professors.
I recommend the full P20X series.
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I love this pencil. I...
March 17, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil. I bought three for different rooms in the house.
great pencil! I use it...
March 9, 2016
Verified Purchase
great pencil! I use it everyday, very thin and fits in the hand well
The Pentel P205 is a...
November 9, 2015
The Pentel P205 is a simple, solid, & highly reliable 0.5mm drafting pencil. This is now the only tool I use for all my penciling work. The lead storage chamber (which should be constructed out of metal) can hold upwards of 30 leads. The pushbutton makes a solid, satisfying click every time. The included small eraser is perfect for my use, although it's a good idea to keep many spares on hand. The pencil feels great in the hand and never fails to perform. There are higher-end, fancier pencils out there, such as Pentel PG5, Pentel PG1505, and Pentel PG15, but there is a reason this is considered a classic.
It is a simple no frills...
June 21, 2013
It is a simple no frills standard mechanical pencil. I is much better than bic. I has a metal front and a metal clip it has flat sides so it will not role off your desk. this is good for graphing lines.
This is a great pencil...
May 23, 2013
This is a great pencil overall. Unfortunately, the pencil is a little too hard to write with. As a drafting pencil, it does a phenomenal job. When actually writing, the feel of the pencil makes writing very jagged and rough.
This is the best mechanical...
April 13, 2012
This is the best mechanical pencil for every need. Use with a template (it's primary purpose) is made incredibly easy, note taking in class (as I find to be its biggest use) is great. The build quality is perfect, and there is no wiggling in the lead at all.

First off the one problem: the pocket clip. While it is very sturdy and more than gets the job done, after a little while of use it begins to slip and twist around. Not a major problem, and one that's easily fixed. Just take a tiny dot of superglue and the problem is fixed!

The good points: the balance is perfect, and the pencil is very light due to the plastic construction. The grip is more than sufficient, and after hour and two-hour lectures the pencil is still comfortable to hold and write with. It is relatively thin, but that's not a problem in the slightest-more of a personal preference.

So, after fixing the pocket clip, I would say that this pen is unbeatable. The combination of relatively low cost and high quality makes this my every day favorite pencil!
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