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July 18, 2011
Love this pencil! This...
Love this pencil! This is the pencil to use when your pencil says something about you. Looks elegant, travels well, functions flawlessly. I have several different colors & sizes- consistently high quality. Easy to write with, feels great in the hand. The removable cap gives extra length when placed on the back for writing; when "closed" the pencil is shorter & safer to carry. Nice weight, well balanced. No collection is complete without it. When I meet with a client this pencil is in my pocket.

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November 14, 2009
i have a couple of these,...
i have a couple of these, and i really do like them a lot. they feel more elegant than the typical mechanical pencil. AND, you cannot beat pentel customer service. i lost the eraser lid on one of these and could not find one anywhere. i emailed pentel to ask them if i could purchase one, and they sent me a new lid AND some other goodies for free. amazing service. i am a pentel fan for life!

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February 13, 2011
I wish these pencils...
I wish these pencils were available in .3mm. Beside that, these are the most elegant mechanical pencils I've ever seen.

The pencil is really, really well designed. Many pens and pencils with caps function poorly with the cap on the back end, and I usually have to store the cap while using the writing utensil. Not the Kerry. The cap becomes the rest of the pencil into an elegant writing form.

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February 13, 2011
The Kerry has a nice...
The Kerry has a nice quality to it and has many good features. During travel, the tip is covered by the cap, just like a pen. The body is made of durable plastic. Overall, a nicely made pencil and a fine example of a Japanese pencil that will last you years!

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December 15, 2010
Very nice pencil!!! For...
Very nice pencil!!! For people with big hands it may be too small. But the pencil is a very nice Pentel pencil.

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February 5, 2013
My favorite. Can't see...
My favorite. Can't see how you could improve upon it. Just perfect. Would be nice if it came in a .03 though.

November 28, 2012
This is a great pencil,...
Verified Purchase
This is a great pencil, but somewhat lighter than I expected. Keep in mind, my favorite pencil of all time is the Rotring 600. I love the appearance and and that the lead continues to advance with a well-designed way to post the cap. The Tombow Zoom mechanical pencil also has a similar feature, but the Kerry feels much more solid with the cap posted. The one warning I would give to those considering this pencil is that it tends to scratch quite easily. If you want to keep it nice, I wouldn't toss it into your pocket with metal items or in a pencil bag with other metal pencils. Overall I would definitely recommend it!

May 9, 2012
Love this baby! It's...
Verified Purchase
Love this baby! It's such a beautiful pencil. I keep looking at it too much that I can't focus on taking note.

March 6, 2012
I have many pencils and...
Verified Purchase
I have many pencils and pens from Jetpens and from Japan. The Kerry line has to be my favorite for many reasons. It is very study. Heavy enough to give value and durability but not cause long writing strain. The cap can cover the tip allowing for travel in pockets without poking like the typical mechanical pencil. The eraser is enough to get by on and the cap isnt flimsy where it falls off after years of use. I love it enough to give it as a good gift. The price and quality is enough so its not just a pencil gift. My 9 year old found it on my desk and wants her own. I can give her a 7mm colored version and we can both be happy. Dont hesitate to purchase this model of pencils. I had mine for a few years and use it daily and felt writing a review was the least i can do to support a quality pencil.

December 3, 2011
Awesome pencil. It's...
Awesome pencil. It's the one I use the most at work. It's elegant and compact body is easily pocketable. Its unique design is simply brilliant. I was surprised to find that you can leave the lead out when capping it. You remove the cap and start writing, just like with an ink-based pen. It's comfortable to write with both capped and uncapped. I'm not sure why, but right away, I noticed it was smoother than my other pencils to write with.

The mechanism feels good and tight, either used directly or though the cap. I'm certain the Pentel engineers spent considerable time and effort to get mechanism to work this precisely though the mechanical relay in cap.

I lent it to my wife for a class, and she too commented on how smooth it felt to write with it. She wants one.

I've used it daily for a few months now and it's still looks very good. The plastic doesn't get scratched, but will show smudges... You will need to wipe it once in a while to restore its shine.

Get one!