Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue Body

Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue Body

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The Kerry pencil from Pentel is shaped as a classic American beauty. Designed with the professional in mind, these compact mechanical pencils are capped and have beautiful shiny bodies with matted silver color tips. They are shaped almost as if they should be fountain or ballpoint pens. The cap fits on the back of the pen when in use, and has an eraser (refillable with PENTEL Z3-1 eraser refill) hidden at the top. Very elegant for the work place. Uses 0.5 mm lead.

The cap and body of the Pentel Sharp Kerry are made of different materials and will differ slightly in color.

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Let me throw another...
November 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
Let me throw another five-star review of the Pentel Kerry on the pile.

It has a quirky design. There's a big, knurled metal ferrule in the center of the barrel. The cap is made of anodized aluminum, but the colored portions of the barrel are plastic. The colors never quite match (except maybe in the black version). There's a push-button cap on the barrel that conceals spare leads and another on the cap that conceals the eraser. Quirky.

The genius of the Kerry is that all of these seemingly idiosyncratic features contribute to a perfect whole. The beautifully anodized aluminum cap couldn't be plastic because it must resist substantial tensile forces where it clips onto the barrel. The plastic portions of the barrel couldn't be anodized aluminum to match the cap, because they would scratch everytime the metal cap was posted. The chunky knurled ferrule couldn't be small or plastic because it forms a rigid shoulder onto which the cap snaps along with spring detents which are held in place against the ferrule by the plastic portions of the barrel which must thread deeply into the ferrule to resist the force of the cap against the shoulder. The complexity of this ferrule/spring retaining mechansim ensures that the cap stays on tightly and never rattles even after years of use. The two pushbuttons work in unison when the cap is posted to transfer the knock from the outer button to the inner. Another system could be used, such as that used by the Tombow Zoom 505 pencil, another capped mechanical pencil. The Tombow's inner pushbutton is shaped such that the cap snaps onto it. So the cap becomes the pushbutton when posted. It's a nice pencil, but the cap is a sloppy rattling mess when posted. And because the cap and barrel are both metal, the barrel scratches.

I've studied the Kerry. Its cap is constructed from no less that eight parts, not including the eraser and its seating clamp. Pentel has been making this pencil for nearly 45 years. If they could simplify the cap, they would. It simply cannot be improved upon. The rest of the pencil, likewise. The mechanism remains all metal unlike many other "high-end" mechanical pencils, and yet this masterpiece is only $20. I don't know how they make money selling what is clearly a $50-$100 pencil for $20. Amazing.

On a personal note, I sketch incessantly. I carry a Kerry in my pocket almost always. If my shirt doesn't have a pocket, I toss it in my pants pocket. The Kerry is compact, and strong. It doesn't ruin my pants and doesn't get ruined itself. My favorite color currently available is the blue of the 0.5 mm model, which is why this review is on this page. I prefer 0.7 mm lead thickness though, so I switched out the mechanism with that from the darker blue 0.7 mm model. I use a dark, 2B lead and the thicker lead lasts longer. I wish it came in 0.9 mm. And I wish they re-introduced the brighter green from the 1980s instead of the dreary olive green.
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I've had this pencil...
June 4, 2014
I've had this pencil for over 25 years. I've replaced them once when my original got scratched up over the years. It is my favorite mechanical pencil by far. Okay, so I don't have large hands so some of the comments about it being small don't apply. But the feel and durability have been a blessing. I still have my original drafting pencils but when I need a pencil that protects the metal tip, this has been great. Years ago, I dropped my backpack from my shoulder to the floor and the metal tip bent. And there went the pencil. I put an extra one of these in my bag and don't even worry.

And as for the eraser ... using the eraser on mechanical pencils is just silly. I learned from my drafting days to always carry a separate eraser and that's that.
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I've used mechanical...
March 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
I've used mechanical pencils with hard 0.5 leads for years because the tips of regular sharpened pencils become dull too quickly. I just can't bear writing with dull points for some strange reason. Mostly I've used inexpensive models, especially Pentel's Twist-Erase, but I recently decided I wanted something classier and purchased a Kerry. Although, as another reviewer has pointed out, it's rather quirky, it's also attractive and fits comfortably in my hand. I do wish the eraser were more substantial but with a design like this it would be impossible to provide anything similar to that on the Twist-Erase or even the non-twistable version on Pentel's Techniclick. This is the first mechanical pencil I've used that has a removable cap but it's a good idea. One of the features I like best about the Kerry is that the thin metal sleeve through which the lead protrudes is enclosed when the pen is capped, thus eliminating the risk of the sleeve's sharp edge catching and even piercing my shirt pocket or the fabric pen holder in my shoulder bag--a problem I've sometimes had with other models featuring sleeves that either are capless or don't retract. For folks who care about the look of a pencil and are willing to spend a little more, the Kerry is a good choice.
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The gold standard for...
October 31, 2014
Verified Purchase
The gold standard for mechanical pencils! There is none better at any price. Firm hold on lead and easy to hold pencil.
I love this pencil. ...
March 10, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil. It feels and looks great but broke in two days. Fixing it was no hassle at all. Super glue did the trick and to this day I have no regrets. Might buy a different color soon.