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Retro looking, beautiful,...
July 9, 2010
Verified Purchase
Retro looking, beautiful, not heavy, smooth writing pencil. The pencil writes quiet and the matt tip (which protects from the reflections from bright sun or overhead lights) has a comfortable size for writing.

There is a small eraser under the cap button, and the leads can be refilled under the body button. If you want to refill the lead you have only one step to do: Open the top of the pencil and fill a number of lead pieces into the storage chamber. With other mechanical pencils you need two steps do to before filling the leads: remowing the cap, remowing the eraser.
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The Kerry is an amazing...
October 8, 2010
Verified Purchase
The Kerry is an amazing pencil! Smooth, defined lines on paper. When the cap is posted the eraser is available. Nice snap to the cap when posting. Worth every penny!
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I purchased this red...
June 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
I purchased this red .05 mm pencil based on the glowing reviews by most, if not all, of its owners. I must say, I have to agree with them and am not disappointed. The red color is very striking, but not gaudy. For its size, it's very balanced and feels good in the hand. I qualify the size only because I find it to be a tad on the short size, but I tend to prefer writing instruments to be approximately 6" in length. This pencil measures 5 1/8" when posted.

All in all, I really like the classy lines and design of this pencil. It feels good in the hand and is just the right diameter...not too slim and not too thick. I just ordered the .07 mm pencil in black!

I highly recommend this pencil to anyone looking for a well-designed mechanical pencil that looks like it costs a lot more than it does and is a pleasure to write with.
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Would Not Change A Thing... O...
May 23, 2013
Verified Purchase
Would Not Change A Thing...
Ok, I would change two things but I'm always finding trouble with things, it's actually my job!
First, this pencil is much nicer in person than the (really good) pictures here on Jetpens make it look.
I was very happy the first moment I had it out of it's box!
I intend this to be a daily-carry pencil, most likely a companion to my Fisher Space Pen and my Ohto Rook.
Now about my proposed changes...
Make the whole thing out of metal. Please, I would pay the extra cost!
Make the lead advance button flush with the end of the body and add a bit to the internals of the cap so it can still advance the lead. For charging the pen, you can unscrew the body to access the reservoir. It holds several leads so you won't have to do this very often.
Other than my two proposed changes, this is the "it" as far as pencils go, you will search through all of Jetpens' offerings and not find a better balance of function, appearance and quality.

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phil drummond
Great design. and the...
August 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
Great design. and the lead can even be advanced with the caps on the back end!
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The Kerry is a classic....
April 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
The Kerry is a classic. Pentel has produced this pen for at least 40 years (I lived in Tokyo in the 1960's and saw them at the time.) The design is good; the color choices fine; and the lead advancement system is great. Kerrys are compact and sturdy; definitely worth the price. Since there are so many choices among 0.5 mm pencil leads today, you really can't go wrong with this instrument.
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Exceptional ! It gets...
September 8, 2012
Verified Purchase
Exceptional ! It gets everything done right - the weight, the quality, the design. Is not as modern looking as graphgear however the mechanism is excellent. Totally awesome; btw this pen is quite old, I had one more than 10 years ago !!
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Striking color, quality...
August 9, 2011
Striking color, quality make, elegant look, flawless function. Quality all around.
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What can I say? It is...
October 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
What can I say? It is a Pentel.
I wish these pencils...
February 13, 2011
I wish these pencils were available in .3mm. Beside that, these are the most elegant mechanical pencils I've ever seen. The red is really striking. I use mine with red lead.
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