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March 15, 2009
I've been using these...
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I've been using these pens for almost 5 years. I Love them!! By Far the best pen I've wirtten with. Smooth, unbroken, small writting, again, love em!!

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November 20, 2014
If you are able to get...
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If you are able to get the pen to work, it's a nice pen. I would suggest getting the .5 mm!

May 11, 2014
Great pens, very similar...
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Great pens, very similar to the HI-TEC-C. I keep dropping them onto my desk, right on the tip, from about mouth height (yes yes fine I always put pens in my mouth, let the oral fixation jokes begin) This jams the little ball in leaving me with barely an stream of ink. I have broken many of them this way, does't seem to happen with the HI-TEC. I doubt this is an important point for most of you but for those of you out there like me who were possibly breast fed too long, beware.