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  Oh Slicci. How do I love..., June 1, 2011
Oh Slicci. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Or at least write a little review blurb.

Seriously, this is the best pen I've ever written with. I am a pen junkie (like I suspect many of you are). I love my Hi-Tec-Cs, I love my Sakura Microns, I love my Staedtlers...but the .25mm Slicci is a dream come true. Right now I have 8 colors, and I have 10 more on the way. I'm writing this review for the black pen because a) it was the first Slicci I bought and b) I use it most.

Things I love about the .25mm Slicci:

1. Super-fine tip that is also sturdy.
2. Ink flows very well, rarely skips.
3. So many colors!
4. My tiny hands love the thin barrel.
5. Very lightweight; easy to use for extended periods of time
6. With the superfine tip and gel ink, lines drawn/written are VERY precise. I've drawn incredibly intricate things with the Slicci that I never would've been able to with my other pens.
7. All this for only 3 bucks.

In the interest of fairness, I'll say the following:

The purple Slicci disappointed me a little bit. It's a fuchsia-ish shade, and I like rich royal purples. Also, something about purple gel inks, for some reason they never flow quite as well as other colors. Just my bad luck? Maybe. I mean, the purple Slicci is still a wonderful pen, but it could use some tweaking.
Caveat to my number 4 above: Yes, I love the thin barrel, but I recognize that it isn't for everyone. I have an...unconventional...way of holding pens that is most conducive to thin barrels. Those of you who find it too thin, perhaps a rubber grip thingy would help?
Yes, I've had a couple Sliccis (even black ones) die on me. Chances are some of them actually ran out of ink, knowing how much I use them. For the ones that still had ink, if I set it aside for a few days, it'd usually start up again. Some of them might just have had screwy tips. Clearly my few uncooperative pens haven't dampened my love for the Slicci in general!

I realize I've basically written a dissertation here, so I'll sum it up in two words: EXCELLENT PEN. :)
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  Just what I'd expect..., November 18, 2011
By spa...
Just what I'd expect from a Slicci-Sharp clean lines while delivering a smooth experience for the point size. First couple sentences I wrote with it, I had to do some scribbling, but ever since, it's preformed flawlessly. The skipping is barely noticeable and I'm pretty picky. I have yet to find this crisp sharp line from another pen, and I may never. This puts an end to all of my problems-its pretty much everything I need. The only concern I have is that I've heard these die out. This pen writes so well though that I am going to have to overlook it. The skinny barrel is another thing that people complain about, but after a week of use, it feels normal to me. As far as coming out of a package and having amazing results, this is a five out of five. I would definitely try this out if you like a sharp, clean, and consistent line. This pen is definitely my pen of choice.
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  The line is suitably..., September 8, 2011
By ann...
The line is suitably fine but I find the pens dry out very quickly and I have never been able to use one up before it clogs on me.
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  Yep, this is my pen of..., September 22, 2009
Yep, this is my pen of choice. I've been studying japanese lately and needed a pen to write kanji small but discernable- this does the trick. Strong tip, hardly every skips during writing, and the ink is actually black.

Get you a 5mm ruled notebook with graph paper on the left hand sides (for larger kanji memorization and writing practice) and get your study on with this bad boy! The only con is that it is skinny so it will hurt your hard if you grip it too hard. Be delicate, or get a gripslip for it. 5 out of 5!
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  This is my favorite pen!..., April 25, 2008
By mrsdrc
This is my favorite pen! Smooth line, never skips. You do need a light hand to use this fine of a tip. I drive people I work with nuts with my super fine point pens. I've used the black, blue, orange, green and purple slicci 0.25's and only had trouble with the purples. The rest are my tried and true go-to pens for everyday and everything.
  Wow, I was really surprised..., February 28, 2014
Wow, I was really surprised by this pen. I thought that the price was a little high for a seemingly basic ink pen, but now I understand. I use this for all of my sketches now, the ink is very fluid but doesn't blob up at all, the pen is very light-weight and think so it feels great to hold for long periods of time. Well worth the money!
  In general, I don't just..., December 1, 2013
By myf...
In general, I don't just love Slicci pens, I LOVE them. Love. However, I would steer you toward the 0.3, 0.4 (my fave) or 0.7mm which I have given a 5 out of 5 stars (but would love to give them a 10 out of 5 stars if possible!). The 0.25mm Slicci skips a lot, always feels on the verge of dried out, and with the least amount of pressure, bends the tip rendering it useless. It feels strange giving any Slicci 2 out of 5 stars, b/c I use this brand the most of ANY pen I own (and I own more than most here can imagine) but the 0.25mm doesn't do the name justice, and I think they need to either improve its function/design or just stick to what they do better than well, wider width tips. Buy the Slicci, just not the 0.25. 0.3 and 0.4 are plenty fine - and the 0.3 seems to write like a 0.25 of other brands, so you won't sacrifice in fine-ness, but will get significantly better quality if you just size up. Slicci is a bargain for the quality, and once you find the width that works, buy a lot, but watch out if you store the refills - I've had issues with ink drying even in fully packaged refills, but that's for another review! :)
  This is a fantastic little..., August 16, 2013
By morrea
This is a fantastic little pen for little writing. At work, I sometimes need to annotate printouts of images and I often have very little space in which I can write - as little as a 2mm tall gap. With the 0.25mm Slicci, I am able to write legibly and fit all the annotation I need into cramped margins. As a bonus, it writes well over printing from the Xerox Phaser we use at work; this device uses very waxy ink, and I've had difficulty finding a pen that will actually deposit ink over this.

I'd also like to comment on JetPens' awesome customer service - my first Slicci arrived with a broken casing, and one email later, a replacement was en route. Thanks, JetPens!
  At first, the pen worked..., November 29, 2012
By rachi
At first, the pen worked great for me, for about 2 weeks or so, but then it stopped working and the ink wouldn't come out.
I loved how the pen writes but unfortunately it doesn't work anymore.
I would still recommend.
  this is actully my favorite..., April 26, 2011
By swe...
this is actully my favorite pen ever and i write with it every single day
  This is awesome for taking..., January 11, 2011
By cyn...
This is awesome for taking short notes. It's not scratchy despite the TINY nib size, and the ink flows quite well. The thin barrel seems really cool for the first five minutes of using the pen, and then your hand starts cramping up. For this reason, I only use it to write short notes in my planner, (and to show off to all my non-pen-knowing friends).
  the extreme and consistently..., May 21, 2010
the extreme and consistently fine line is fantastic, but my main issue with this pen is that the grip section is very very thin, and it isn't comfortable to hold. But this could just be preference.
1 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I was SO happy to find..., December 27, 2009
I was SO happy to find this pen -- I'm a huge fan of fine-point pens, and have never found a ballpoint or gel pen fine enough until the Slicci. BUT -- after I used the pen for about a week, it quit writing. There is still lots of ink and when I take it apart, the ink is still very liquid, but it won't go through the nib of the pen, and there is no way to fix it. Never had this happen with any other ball-point or gel pen-- I'm very disappointed & feel like I wasted my $.
  At first, I really liked..., November 19, 2009
At first, I really liked it's lightweight and the precision tip. However, it's not as smooth as the Uni-ball Signo DX (the pen I'm currently in love with) nor is it as comfortable to hold. I thought I'd give it a chance because of the great reviews. It's been around a week that I've been using it and the ink faded out multiple times-something that never happened with the Uni-ball.
It's a good pen, just not great. I guess my expectations were just too high...
  i'd die if i lost my..., November 5, 2009
i'd die if i lost my sliccis.

i have 10 pens and about 10 refills in stash just in case i run out. my only complaint is that the barrel is a little thin, and my hands get cramped if i use it for too long, which i tend to do often. but the tip is so much more reliable than the pilot crap-tec c.
  Let me start by saying..., September 30, 2008
Let me start by saying I love this pen. It is AMAZING when writing in Japanese and for kanji that requires multiple strokes over 10. I can't see myself without it. And it has more ink than the Pilot Hi-Tec C pens which only lasted me about a month!

このペンが大好きで&#1237 7;よ。 漢字は難しい&#12 391;すごく書いています&# 12290; 違いのペンを使い ません。 Pilot Hi-Tec Cよりもっとインクが&#12 354;ります。
  A Great Pen, I Use this..., February 20, 2008
A Great Pen, I Use this pen every Day!:)
  VS HI-TEC C'S The..., December 12, 2007

The advantages of this pen are there, but not immediately recognizable when one compares them with the Hi-Tec C's.

1) More output, one can draw long lines. Since people are concerned with writing small when they buy these pens the ink output is usually a non-issue until one attempts to draw broader strokes -- such as when you attempt to cross out large portions of text. The ink output does result in slightly thicker lines, as other reviewers have noticed, but -- get over it, people! You will not notice the difference.

2) More expressive -- you can press the tip into the paper, and therefore generate variations in pressure, far more readily than the Hi-Tec C's.

3) Better Cap design -- Every single Hi-Tec C Cap I have had has cracked under long use, this is because of the way it snaps into place. The Slicci seems to slide into place, as a result they are much more durable.

4) Better Tip Design -- Every single Hi-Tec C tip i have has gotten broken -- either through dropping, or through normal use. To protect the tip, one needs to replace the cap VERY OFTEN -- but this just leads to the cap breaking! The tip of the Slicci looks like a ballpoint pen tip, it's tapered, and of a single peice -- it's very durable.

I carry a notebook around, and I use these pens about every waking hour of the day. The pilot C does NOT pass this stress test, it might be good for doing homework for a few hours every night. But! This is a far better pen for you wandering intellectuals :-)

  I was looking for a replacemen..., November 16, 2007
I was looking for a replacement to the Rapidograph Rapidoliner pen for years. This pen has a very consistent TRUE black line, can keep up if you draw or write fast, it is actually better than the pen I needed to replace (the Rapidoliner was discontinued).
  I just received a black..., September 7, 2007
I just received a black and a blue 0.25mm slicci pens. They write more smoothly than the Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.25mm pens and they are far sexier looking ^_^ Another review noted that the HiTecC seemed to draw a thinner line. I found this to be true. I would guess the Slicci line is about 0.015 broader. But compared to the UniBall Signo DX 0.28mm, the Slicci definitely draws a thinner line. If you want the thinnest line possible, buy the UniBall Signo bit 0.18mm. I have used all four products mentioned, and I have enjoyed using all of them. I intend to buy Sliccis in the future.
  I received this today..., August 15, 2007
I received this today as a gift from a friend that just returned from Japan. Being a person who enjoys (safe to say has a mild obsession with) new pens, I have to say that it is a nice solid pen. The pen does in fact seem more sturdy than that of its rivals, whom I personally see as the Mitsubishi Uni-Ball signo bit and the Pilot Hi-Tec c, but the grasp of the pen lacks the comfort of both previously mentioned. The Ink flows smooth like the pilot. I personally still enjoy both the pilot and the uni-ball better, but that could be attributed to the writing comfort.
  I used to use the HiTecC..., July 25, 2007
I used to use the HiTecC 0.25. When it ran out I bought a new one of those and one of these and put them head-to-head (both 0.25). The slicci feels far better in your hand b/c of its smooth barrel. The slicci also looks better. The slicci does feel a tad more stable when writing. HOWEVER, the slicci does NOT write as thin as the HiTecC. Now I'm not sure if the Slicci's point is just too big, or if maybe on the paper I'm writing on, the Slicci's ink gets absorbed more widely, but from my experience, I can write far smaller letters with the HiTecC (very nearly as small as I can with my UniBall Signo 0.18 - definitely can't do that with the Slicci). Trust me, I really wanted this pen to be better than the HiTecC, but just can't recommend it if your main goal is tiny writing.
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  I loved the Slicci pen..., January 10, 2012
By ejsj22
I loved the Slicci pen my brother had, so I decided to get one. I was quite disappointed when my Slicci pen after a little over 5 minutes of sketching and writing with it, the ink line looked like the pen is almost dried out. Why! I wonder if this is a random problem... since there are reviews praising the Slicci pen and my brother's Slicci pen worked fine. Then again there are also reviews stating the same problem as mine. I suppose it's a common risk you take with thin lined pens... sigh. I kinda wish it worked well since it takes about $5 just to ship the pen T_T;