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I like the Pentel Slicci...
February 27, 2012
Verified Purchase
I like the Pentel Slicci line of pens and that goes for the.08 metallic colors. The pen size is a little smaller than I typically like but it feels right for this pen. The 8 color set is one of the few sets of pens on Jetpens.com that you get a break in price for buying as opposed to buying them individual. It is cheaper for the 8 pack so if you are going to get a few of the colors it is worth it to get all 8. I was very happy with all of the colors but the blue happened to surprise me and stand out over the rest. I usually am not a fan of blue ink but in this metallic set I love it. The silver also was quite surprising. All of the colors do have a strong metallic look to them and lay a very even line. And I have never experienced any skipping with the Slicci line of pens in general. This set included.
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I was just using one...
August 29, 2013
Verified Purchase
I was just using one of the lovely metallic pens in this set last week and thought to myself, gel pens sure have come a long way! I remember when the ink would never come out, and you would have to shake and bang the pen to get just a couple of word's worth of ink out onto the page. Flash forward ten years to now, when we have the lovely slicci metallic gels, which flow wonderfully and continuously onto the page in a brillant glittering color. My only qualm, and one I hope to see fixed in the next ten years, is the problem of having to let the ink dry. If my hand slips and runs over the page, my writing smudges and my hand shines with the wet ink. I have to wait to let the page dry before I can turn it over, or there will be all over the opposite page.
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Victory Pens
Our granddaughter loved...
April 13, 2016
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Our granddaughter loved this set. She put them in her school pack immediately!
Love the smoothness,...
June 13, 2015
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Love the smoothness, rich color and small size. Yay!!
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