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i did like this pen....
January 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
i did like this pen. i had it, then i seemed to lose it over winter break.nooo. i probably put it in my coat pocket then it rolled out somewhere.

anyways, it is thinner than most/all multipens. its like the size of a regular pen yet has four inks inside. wow

i felt like it could use a grip. i could probably fit one on, unlike the bulkier multipens i have that lack grips. it reminded me a lot of the hitec-c. maybe this is the version little girls and boys would get before they were ready to handle a really good pen. im basically saying to not waste steak on children, they cant appreciate it. they can have chicken aka the slicci pen. which is in of itself, pretty good too; but not as good as the hitecc
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